Pomsky Lethargy Symptoms

What are Pomsky lethargy symptoms? Dog lethargy can happen for a number of different reasons and causes. It could be because of illness or other medical conditions. If you notice it to get thirsty more than usual or it is having trouble breathing, you should know that there is a chance it is losing energy. More symptoms include: hormonal changes, anemia, heart conditions, inflammation, infection, respiratory issues etc. It is easy to tell if your Pomsky has this because they are always lively and playful. If you see that it is not interested in playing in anymore, that could be a problem.

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The definition of lethargy is losing energy or being exhausted. It is a side effect when it has some other disease making it sick. Do not ignore your Pomsky not being itself. You should know that it can be something serious. You should observe it carefully to find out other symptoms of illness such as redness in the eye.

What is lethargy in a Pomsky

When you are tired, you will sleep more than usual. The same applies for the puppies as well. When it there is exhaustion, you will notice that the sleeping time has increased a lot. It will respond to you slowly. If you have successfully trained it to come when you call it, you will understand it more easily. If it has lethargy, it will not come. Even if it does come, it will be slow and silent. You will not find excitement in them. If you arrive home, you should have an energetic puppy who is eager to play with you and missed you while you were not here. If it is behaving like those Pomskys who does not want to move and sit in one place, that could be a problem as well. Do not think that you can finally get rest from all the playing and activities. If you are someone who does not want excitement right after entering through the front door, you should opt for Pomskys who likes to be do-nothing. Do not worry, there are many Pomskys that love to be idle and just sit and watch television.

What causes lethargy in a Pomsky

There are many reasons for it to develop this problem. You should see that is it just being lazy for a day or is the behavior continues. Look for other signs of illness. Is it losing its appetite or is it unable to stand? Look at the symptoms that can be the source of another disease. It can even have problems in the eye so it cannot be active like the other days. You should take good care of the Pomsky’s eyes since they have a chance of developing cataracts. Take it to the vet for testing. Here are some diseases and illnesses that might cause lethargy in a Pomsky

1. Cancer

2. Infection

3. Respiratory or heart problems

4. Blood disorders such as anemia

5. Physical traumas

6. Skin diseases

7. Intestinal problems

8. Hormonal disorder

9. Dehydration

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