Common signs of Small Dog Syndrome in Pomskies 

What are common signs of small Pomsky syndrome? The Pomskies have a behavior that is a combination of its parents. Their Pomeranian parent is responsible if your Pomsky has Small Dog Syndrome. It happens to those Pomskys that are small in size and the owners treat them like royalty. It happens because they are small in size, and when they want people to pamper them, they become successful. If a big Pomsky such as a Golden Retriever or a German Shepherd wants to run around and get up on us, we would immediately get rid of this behavior. Their size makes it an inappropriate behavior. Many pet owners ignore this when it is about small Pomskys and particularly Pomskies. If you are not sure whether your puppy has Small Dog Syndrome or not, check for the following symptoms.

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Puppy being bossy

Check and see who rules the house. Does it happen that it barks, and you give it what it wants? If that is so, then you are obeying it, and it is not listening to you. By always listening to it and giving it what it wants, you made it think that it is the leader.  It will believe that it is the ruler who can boss around everybody in the house and all the members of the family. Not only humans, if you have another Pomsky or a pet in the house, but it will also boss around that as well.

Unwilling to walk

Even if it is small in size, you should take it to walk. Pomskies can also suffer from obesity, and lack of exercise can cause boredom. A Pomsky causes a lot of trouble when it is bored. Do not carry it all the time. Pick out time in the early morning when the temperature is low outside and go for walks. You cannot make it lazy. If you have a puppy who wants you to carry it everywhere and its feet will not touch the ground, then it is an indication.

Sleeping on your bed

It can happen that you brought a crate or a comfortable bed for it. If it is refusing to sleep there, that could be an issue. It is the pet owners fault that they pamper their puppies and such a level and later on has trouble with it. You should teach it that they have a separate bed. You should not scold it or disrespect it. If you do that it will become fearful and stop respecting you as well. Provide it treats when it sleeps in its place.

Begging for food

Never share your food with it. Many pet owners let them have all the affection and share food from their plate. First of all, it is harmful to their canine friends’ digestive systems. Secondly, they will be drooling, barking and even cry if you do not give them what you are eating. Stop this behavior by asking everybody in the house to not give their food to it. Just because they are small and weight less than big Pomskys, you can ignore bad habits. Owners are responsible for Small Dog Syndrome, so you should be careful.

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