How to test your Pomsky’s Intelligence

How to test your Pomsky’s Intelligence? A Pomsky is intelligent without any doubt. It may not be well-behaved or calm but it is the cutest and smartest friend you have at your house. It is smarter when you are comparing with many other Pomsky breeds. If you have a Pomsky who is not intelligent it will be sensitive, have a hard time matching with situations and be difficult to train. It will not focus or learn commands, will be victim of bullying and be stubborn when it is not that brainy. Many individuals sometimes choose those over the smart ones because they have other good qualities such as being friendly and funny. Nevertheless, here are ways to determine how intelligent your Pomsky is.

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Gather the right equipment

You will need several things to carry out the tests to find out its level of intellect. Get a stopwatch that works just fine. Get a small blanket or a big towel for it to smell. You should also have a wood plank and some books. Gather small plastic cups to hide treats. That will test its memory and not problem-solving. Get small buckets or cups. If the Pomsky is older, get buckets. For the young ones, get a few plastic cups. You should have a notebook and pen to record all the scores.

Start the tests

The first test is to make the Pomsky smell the towel or blanket. Put it over its face and see if it is trying to get out of it. Here is how you should give it marks. If it can get out within thirty seconds, you should give it 5 points. If it opens after the thirty seconds but below two minutes, award it with just 4 points and if it is more than two minutes late, give it 3. When you see that it is not trying at all, you should give it a zero. Do not put on a towel that has germs on it. Use a clean one and make sure you do not toss it hard in the head or face.

The second test requires you to put treats under the towel you used previously. Show the Pomsky that you putting its treat under the towel on the floor. Find out how long it takes to bring out its treat from underneath the towel. For being quick, give it a 5 out of 5. Quick is less than thirty seconds. If it takes more time than the first thirty seconds to one minute, give it 4. If it takes more than one minute, give it a 3 If it is trying but failing, give it a 1. If it does not even move the towel to get the treat our, give it a 0.

The final test is when you put few books on both sides below a wooden plank on a flat surface. Hide a treat below the opening but make sure that it cannot reach it with the mouth. It should use the paws to get it. Since, they are small in size, make sure the treat is not unreachable. If it can get it out with its paws within two minutes, give it a five. If it succeeds within three minutes, it should receive a four. If it grabs within four minutes, give it a three. For trying but failing but utilizing the paws, the Pomsky deserves a two. If it not using the paws but the mouth it should get a one. If it does not try at all, it should be given a zero. Add the score and find out.

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