How to Control Shedding in a Pomsky (2019)

How to control shedding in a Pomsky? People have a lot of confusion and queries when they think of getting a pet. Dogs are a popular choice because they are easy to maintain. There is one issue though, particularly if it is a Pomsky. The four-legged playful friend of yours will shed. Pomskies will shed and lose a lot of hair because of this. It is a designer Pomsky and they are the ones that lose the most hair out of all other types. They get their appearances and behavior from both the parents and the coat comes from the Siberian Husky. That is why the shedding is more. Here is how you can control its shedding.

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Groom it 


Brush the Pomsky’s coat frequently.

It will get rid of the extra and moveable fur. Brushing is excellent for them because the you can surround the skin oils to the fur and that will keep the fur in position. You can buy the brushes that have two sides.

They are Ideal for every purpose for Pomsky grooming at home.

One side comes with stainless steel pins and has round tips so that the puppy does not get hurt.  There are boar bristles on the other side which will make the coat shiny. They distribute the oil and make the coat look clean. They cost slightly more than other brushes since they have two sides. Do not hurt it by brushing vigorously.

Wash it

You should take your Pomsky for regular bathing. In this way, you can control shedding because the fur will not be everywhere. The owners who do not clean their Pomsky has fur over their beds, tables and other places. You should consult the vet and ask about how many times you should wash it. If you wash it every day, it can make the fur fall even more. Get the Pomsky use to blow-drying. Some people let their Pomsky air dry.

If you had a Pomsky such as a Greyhound or a Poodle that does not shed, you could let them air dry. Since you are the owner of a Pomsky, you should blow-dry in low heat settings to maintain shedding. Dry it with towel beforehand. Never use dishwashing soap to clean the Pomsky’s fur because it will make the skin dry.

Get rid of fleas

If the Pomsky has fleas, it will scratch and shed more. You should use a tick and flea shampoo to wash it during the cleansing process. If you do not know how to use, read the instructions. You should not wash away the shampoo instantly because it has to work on the fur. Let it sit for several minutes before rinsing.

You can consult the vet and ask whether you should use a flea spray or powder. If the vet asks you to buy the powder, use it from the Pomsky’s head to other parts of the body. The powder should not be just on the fur but also on the skin. Before using other remedies like apple cider vinegar or lemon juice, ask the vet.

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