Pros and cons of getting a Pomsky

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What are pros and cons of getting a dog? A Pomeranian Husky will have a height of around ten to fifteen inches and a lifespan of thirteen to fifteen years. It does not weight much that does not mean you carry them around. It will want you to carry it if its behavior is like the Pomeranian. If you get one that has the personality of a Siberian Husky, you cannot let it sit idle. They are energetic and active. Although, if you have no children or there are adults in the house, you can get them. If you have kids, having a Pomsky will not be the right choice. Now, that you know some basic information about them, you should be aware that there are some advantages and disadvantages of having them.

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We are all aware what a Siberian Husky. They are handsome and gorgeous. People can stare at them all day long. The Pomsky gets the size from its Pomeranian parent, and it has the appearance of a Husky. Those who see the puppies with their own eyes cannot believe what a beautiful animal they are seeing. The two big and blue eyes make the experience even better. If you are lucky, enough you can get one that looks adorable, and you can be best friends.

They are intelligent, so you do not need to hire a trainer to train them. You should spend time with it and provide it with the best care possible so that it will respect you. Do not let boredom come over it because it will cause trouble in the house. You both will have a lot of fun playing together since they learn easily and are active creatures.


The fact about hybrid breeds is that the appearance is not predictable. You cannot hope that all the Pomskies will look alike. They are somewhat new, and the exact look is still not here. The original appearance is to have the looks of a Husky with the size of a Pomeranian. They are getting popular with each day, but there is still no guarantee of what they will look like without seeing them in front of you. If you want to buy one, you have to put your name on the waiting list. After the birth, they will deliver to your home. The costs increase more than the original price because of transportation. You can get a shock if it looks like what you did not imagine.

The price of the Pomskies is very high. They cost more than a Pomeranian or a Siberian Husky. If you are thinking of getting one, you should check your bank account. The buying price is not the only money you require. After you bring it home, there are a lot of equipment you have to buy. The list goes on like this: brushes, shampoo, crate, food and water bowl, nail clippers, etc. If you do not want to do the grooming, you can hire an expert. That is also not going to be cheap! A lot of other problems can be present as well. You can never let the Pomsky walk without a leash is one of them.

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