Why you should include water in the Pomsky’s diet?

As a professional breeder for Pomsky dogs, I have always emphasized the importance of a well-balanced diet for my pups. Through years of experience and research, I have come to realize that including water in their diet is essential for their overall health and wellbeing. In this article, we will discuss why you should include water in your Pomsky’s diet.

What is a Pomsky?

Before diving into the topic at hand, let’s briefly discuss what a Pomsky is. A Pomsky is a crossbreed between a Pomeranian and a Siberian Husky. They are small-sized dogs with a fluffy coat and striking blue eyes. They are known for their playful nature, intelligence, and loyalty.

The Importance of Water

Water is one of the most essential elements required by living beings, including our furry friends. It plays a crucial role in maintaining various bodily functions and keeping them healthy. Here are some reasons why water is vital for your Pomsky:

Keeps Your Dog Hydrated

One of the primary reasons why water is crucial for your Pomsky is that it keeps them hydrated. Dehydration can lead to several health issues such as urinary tract infections, kidney problems, constipation, and even death in severe cases.

Regulates Body Temperature

Water also plays an important role in regulating your dog’s body temperature. Since dogs do not sweat like humans, they release heat through panting and drinking water. If your dog does not consume enough water, they may suffer from heatstroke during summers or cold stress during winters.

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Aids Digestion

Water helps in breaking down food and aids digestion. Proper digestion ensures that your dog receives all the necessary nutrients from their food. Lack of water can lead to constipation or other digestive problems, making it challenging for your Pomsky to absorb the required nutrients.

Prevents Urinary Tract Infections

Drinking enough water helps flush out toxins from your dog’s body and prevents the formation of crystals or stones in their urinary tract. This reduces the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) that can be painful and uncomfortable for your furry friend.

How Much Water Should Your Pomsky Drink?

The amount of water your Pomsky needs to drink depends on several factors such as their age, weight, activity level, and environment. On average, an adult Pomsky should drink around 1 ounce of water per pound of body weight per day. For example, a 20-pound Pomsky should drink around 20 ounces of water daily.

However, during summers or if your Pomsky is more active, they may require more water. It is essential to keep an eye on their drinking habits and make sure they have access to clean and freshwater at all times.

Ways to Encourage Your Pomsky to Drink Water

If you notice that your Pomsky is not drinking enough water, there are several ways you can encourage them to do so:

  • Change Their Bowl: Some dogs are picky about their bowls. Try changing their bowl’s material or shape to see if it makes a difference.
  • Add Flavor: You can add some low-sodium chicken broth or wet food to their water bowl to give it some flavor.
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  • Frequent Water Breaks: Encourage your Pomsky to take frequent water breaks during playtime or exercise sessions.
  • Mix Dry Food with Water: If your dog eats dry kibble, try mixing it with some water to make it more palatable.
  • Ice Cubes: Some dogs enjoy playing with ice cubes in their water bowl, which can also help keep them hydrated.
  • Conclusion

    Water is an essential element required by all living beings, and it is no different for your Pomsky. As a responsible pet owner, it is crucial to ensure that your furry friend has access to clean and freshwater at all times. Drinking enough water helps regulate their temperature, aids digestion, prevents urinary tract infections, and keeps them healthy overall. Encourage your Pomsky to drink more water using the tips mentioned above and watch them thrive!

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