7 Things you can do to make your Pomsky live longer

How to make your Pomsky live longer? The good news is that Pomskies live a long life than many other types of Pomskys because of its parents, the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. If you wish to make your canine friend live a long life, here are some things you should do.

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1. Give them vaccines

While many pet owners ignore vaccinations, you should not follow them. You cannot let them die from a disease that the vaccine could have stopped. Ask the vet and make sure that it is receiving the proper vaccinations at the right time. In this way, you will be able to keep it safe from many diseases.

2. Stop high-calorie foods

The worst thing for a Pomsky is obesity. It is a playful and energetic creature, and if you overfeed, you will ruin all the fun for it. It will not be able to move around much and get a lot of pain in different parts of the body like the ligaments and muscles. Instead, if you have control over its diet and make him eat the proper amount, you will increase the lifespan.

3. Brush it daily

You should purchase the right kind of toothbrush and toothpaste and make sure it does not face any problem with oral hygiene. Once you train it, you will not have trouble brushing its teeth. In that way, it will have healthy teeth. If the owner does not take care of their Pomsky’s teeth, it falls out. That will affect its eating habits.

4. Visit the vet

You should take it to the vet because they can detect if anything is wrong in the puppies and cure them beforehand. It can happen that you do not take it to the vet regularly, later on, it can develop a tumor that you did not notice. If it grows, it can become incurable. There are many things the pet owners do not see.

5. Train them properly

If you teach them to take care of themselves, they will live a long life. You are not always going to be home so they should know how to take care of themselves. It can also happen that you both went outside, if it sees a car coming, it will move away from it. If you do not train it, it will not know what to do. They have emotions and will also save you.

6. Let it socialize

Pomskies are friendly, and if you take them out with you, there is a chance of them socializing with other puppies or even people. Let it play, talk or communicate with anyone it likes. You should also spend more time with so that it can play with you. The puppy that has strong bonds will live long.

7. Purchase a bed

You should buy a bed that makes your fluffy bundle of joy comfortable. You can also make it sleep in a crate. There are many types of bed and get one that takes care of the joints, ligaments and other bones of your puppy.

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