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Roxy is one of the most beloved pomskies in our breeding program. She is a stunning little dog that has captured the hearts of many people who have met her. Roxy is playful, friendly, and full of energy. Her favorite game to play is fetch, but she also enjoys playing with other toys. One day, we introduced Roxy to a water balloon, and it turned out to be one of the funniest experiences we had ever witnessed.

The Beginning of the Story

It was a hot summer day, and we wanted to find some way to cool down our dogs. We decided to fill up some water balloons and throw them around for the dogs to chase. At first, Roxy was hesitant about the water balloon. She did not know what it was or how to play with it. However, after watching some of her littermates play with it, she became curious.

Roxy’s First Encounter with the Water Balloon

The first time Roxy got close to the water balloon, she approached it cautiously. She sniffed at it and pawed at it slightly but didn’t seem too interested in playing with it yet. After a few minutes of observing her littermates playing with the water balloon, Roxy finally decided that she wanted to join in on the fun.

Roxy’s Playtime Begins

Roxy started by chasing after the water balloon as it bounced around on the grass. She would bark excitedly every time she got close to it, but she still didn’t quite understand how to pick it up with her mouth like her littermates were doing. Instead, she would try to paw at it or push it around with her nose.

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Roxy Gets Soaked

As Roxy continued to play with the water balloon, she became more and more excited. She would jump up in the air trying to catch it, but every time she missed, the water balloon would burst and soak her with cold water. At first, Roxy was surprised by the sudden burst of water, but soon she realized that it was a fun game.

Roxy’s Reaction to Getting Soaked

Every time Roxy got soaked by the water balloon, she would shake herself off and then run back to play with it again. It was as if getting wet only made her more determined to catch the water balloon. Her energy level increased, and she became more playful than ever before.

The End of Playtime

Eventually, Roxy got tired of playing with the water balloon. She lay down on the grass next to us panting heavily. We could tell that she had a lot of fun playing with the water balloon, but now it was time for her to rest. We gave her some fresh water and let her relax in the shade.


Roxy is an amazing dog that never ceases to amaze us with her playful personality. Her encounter with the water balloon was just one of many fun experiences we have had with her over the years. We love raising pomskies like Roxy because they bring so much joy into our lives and the lives of those who adopt them. If you are considering adopting a pomsky, we highly recommend it! They are loyal, loving dogs that will bring you endless happiness.

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