The perfect shampoo for your Pomsky

How to choose pet shampoo for your Pomsky? We all share our bed, sofa and the home with our four-legged friend. There are two things you should never give them — your food from the plate and shampoo.  We have hair that is entirely different from the Pomsky’s skin. How can you think that they will be able to tolerate our shampoo? You bought a bed or crate for it, providing it with meals and everything else so do not skip the shampoo. Numerous manufacturers are producing Pomsky-friendly shampoos. You should pick out the best one for grooming your buddy.

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Here are some reasons to not ignore the pet shampoo

• Cleanliness: Out Pomskies get dirty because they are playful and love to play games. To get rid of the germs, you have to use shampoo that cleanses it.

• Health: Providing good food is not enough, you have to keep its skin clean. In that way, you will end up with a healthy puppy that does not get sick. If you clean it with the shampoo, it will get rid of all the bacteria and fungus that could have made it ill.

• Strength: Food is not enough to provide the Pomsky and make it healthy. There are vitamins and mineral in the shampoo that makes your puppy energetic and vigorous.

You should pick the one that is suitable for your Pomsky, or it will be a waste of money, and you will end up with bad results. To decide which one, you should purchase look at the following factors

Ticks and Fleas

If your Pomsky has them, you should get the shampoo that attacks them and other parasites. You should also take other precautions for flea and ticks beside using this shampoo. It only provides protection for a short time.


If it is just a four-legged friend you got few days and is tiny, go for the shampoos for puppies. Age is an important factor because there are separate shampoos for Pomskys and puppies. For small ones, the shampoo is tear free and gentle.

Skin type

Look at its skin type. For dry ones, get the one that moisturizes. If you go with the perfumed ones, it can dry even more. Pick one that has Vitamin E to take care of the skin further. If you notice bumps, consult the vet for more information.


If your Pomsky is an active one that runs around and even bumps into the dirt. If you have a curious one that likes to check the garbage, the backyard and other places they will get stinky. You do not want your dear designer friend to be foul-smelling. Buy one that can get rid of the odor.


If your beautiful friend is not shining, that means it needs proteins, mineral and other vitamins included in their shampoo.


When your Pomsky has tangles, you have to brush them out to fix it. Other than that, use shampoo that gets the oils its need and avoids tangling. You can follow up with a conditioner.


You want the Pomsky to look white like its parents, Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. If you think the fur is looking yellowish, get shampoo that is for whitening.

It should be easy now for you to pick shampoo that is good and avoid one that has artificial fragrances.

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