How to log your Pomsky’s training?

How to log your Pomsky’s training? While you are training your Pomsky, it is important to track its progress. The log can be a valuable tool for you to do that. There are several methods you can try to log your Pomsky’s training. Before you pick a method, make sure it is easy for you to access. You should know that if you cannot track it, you will not be able to manage it. The log is important because of the following reasons.

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• It acts as a map. It shows you where the Pomsky is going. After several months, when it has learned a lot of new things, you can see from where you started. You will feel like you accomplished something.

• You will have a feeling of satisfaction and pride after you see how much you have achieved. You will feel like a healer.

• You will get to focus on the positive aspects and be a happy Pomsky owner. Your Pomsky will be content to a have an owner like you.

Method 1: Notebook

It is simply paper and pen. The pros of the method would include: it does not cost much, you can carry them in your pocket, you can edit whenever you want and it is easy to use. If you are writing paragraphs about the Pomsky’s improvement, you will improve your skills. It will be like a practice. When writing is a portion of linguistic learning it will have a constructive connection with intellect. You can increase your comprehension and enhance memory. You will sit down in a place and try to remember and write the progress.

The drawbacks here would include: no standard formatting therefore hard to find out what is important. Secondly, it is hard to share with other people. You have to give the notebook to the reader to find out. You have to maintain a clean and tidy handwriting. It can be hard to remember what the main information was. It can difficult to add in new sentences if you missed important lines in writing. If you cut or edit too much, it will look like a mess.

Method 2: Printed log

Here you have to use the computer and print out the papers and they should be similar to forms. There will be blank spaces where you write down the information. For example, there should be numbers from one to five. Let us discuss about aggression. Write down the date and mark how aggressive it was on that day. If it was too much, circle 5. If it was obedient, circle 1. The advantages of using this is that, it is clean. There are no edits, cutting lines or errors in grammar or spellings. There is no worry about handwriting. You can look on important information easily.

The disadvantages would be that you cannot write it details about the progress or the training. If you look back at it, there is nothing much emotion nor you will feel like an achiever even though the Pomsky will learn new things through training.

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