Mistakes to avoid to have a healthy Pomsky

How to have a healthy Pomsky? You can make many errors unintentionally without knowing. It is obvious you love your Pomsky and want to provide it with the best food, shelter and toys. The mistakes you make will surprise you when you get to know that the simple everyday things you were doing wrong all this time. It is never too late to alter the rules and start new. If you still did not get your Pomsky yet and waiting for the delivery, then you may want to know all the mistakes you can avoid beforehand.

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Keeping your Pomsky healthy

Leaving young children without supervision

You should teach the kids in the house on how to behave with the Pomsky. They will love and adore it but that does not guarantee whether they will hurt it or not. Sometimes a child may unintentionally hurt the puppy. You should always keep an eye when the two of them are playing together. Sometimes, the puppy may want to be alone so comprehend that and tell the kid to stay away from it for a while. Make sure you can teach them what to do and what not to with the furry little friend.

Scolding or screaming during accidents

It can happen that the Pomsky accidently urinated on the floor and you feel like scolding it. Instead, control your temper and every time it excretes in the right place, provide it with a treat and lots of praise. In this way, we will have a healthy and a happy puppy. Yelling at them can scare them and that will make them lose their appetite and fall sick. To ensure health of the pup, you must never hit, scare or yell at it.

Providing expired food

It can happen that you have no idea but a food you are giving is out of date. It can also happen that your Pomsky loves to find food or treats from the garbage. Do not let it do that. Always provide fresh food. It is matter of health because it will develop seizures, vomiting, toxic mold and severe tremors and eventually death. Do not let it get near the trash and keep all expired foods away from it.

Taking the leash off

It is alright to do that once in a while as a fun activity where it will run according to its wish. Do not make that a habit. Every day, when you both go for exercise, make sure that you are the leader. You should have full control of it. After the training is complete and you have an obedient Pomsky, you can take the leash off or else it is not such a good idea. It is risky for you and the puppy. You both can end up in the hospital for injuries.

Filling the whole bowl

When it is about water, make sure to provide plenty so that it does not have dehydration. The amount should be less when you are providing solid food. Some pet owners love to fill up the bowl. As a result, the Pomsky gets overweight. Ask the vet about the serving size if you are unsure.

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