What to notice when buying Pomsky food for your Pomsky

What to notice when buying Pomsky food for your Pomsky? While you shop for food for your Pomsky, do not get fooled or buy something wrong. You do not want your money to go to waste. Worse than that, you cannot make your canine friend sick. Pomskies are always playful and active. If you notice it losing its appetite, vomiting or being tired all the time, it can because of the food your purchased recently. Be careful about the brand you choose. Here are factors to notice.

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The ingredient list

We all know that they are written according to the amount from highest to lowest. That means, if it has meat at the start, it is indicating it mostly meat, followed by the second content and then the third. The second one can be grains. Pet owners become happy when they see that a food has meat has their main ingredient and thinks that it consists at least 90 percent of the food. It is not true because when they weighted the meat, it had moisture. You are purchasing a food that is actually high in grains but you are thinking that you are purchasing a food high in meat quantities.

Organic items

While you look at the food labels, finding organic ingredients may excite you. You will think that your Pomsky will get extra nutrition from it such as organic peas, oats, barley and soybean. The sad part is that they are better for rabbits, cow or a horse. You cannot force your Pomsky to have this. Even if it has the food with organic items willingly, it will not help much to function. A lot of carbs are present in the food therefore do not fill up your Pomsky with it.

Feeding the same food

If you only give your Pomsky one kind of food, it is similar to feeding your kid with only cereal till he or she graduates. Do not stick to one kind but offer variety to you Pomsky. Just because the breeder told you to feed that particular food, do not stick to that. Just like humans, they also should have different kinds of nutritional diversity.  If you alter the food after feeding in the same thing for months, it can have diarrhea. If you do this from the start, its digestive system will be alert to changes and have the ability to digest different items.

Wrong ingredients

There are many food labels that has ground corn at the start. That means it is the base and the core content. It is difficult for Pomskies to digest it and it is full of carbs. There is no meat in that food so why should you purchase it. The worst part is when they do not mention the meat but they have it in the food, it means it can be anything. It can happen that they put dead cats or Pomskys’ meat. It could be horse or a chicken that got hit by a car. If you find corn gluten in it, you should know that it highly allergenic and can cause a lot of problems in the digestive systems. If you find animal fat on the list, think again from where it came from. A horse? A chicken?

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