Household plants that are dangerous for Pomskies

Household plants are dangerous for Pomskys. If you are the happy owner of a playful Pomsky, you should be careful about the plants you have in your house. There are a lot of reasons to have plants in your home, for example they produce oxygen and if someone is smoking in the house, they will get rid of the harmful substances from the air. They ca make you happy and the brain works better. Children can become immune to allergies if you have plants in the house. If you have Pomskies, having them in the house is not going to be such a good idea. They can be toxic for your four-legged buddies. Here are some of them that you should not keep in your home.

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Asparagus Fern

If you are looking for a gorgeous plant to decorate your home, this is the one. They are usually found in pots or hung around the house for beautification. They are dangerous for your Pomskies.  The lethal substance in the plant can cause a lot of pain for them. If you notice them vomiting or having diarrhea, the plants could be responsible for this.

Corn Plant

Corn plants also known as dragon tree looks beautiful around the house. They make the guest room look more elegant. The problem is that the deadly chemical substance present inside that can affect the puppy. If you see that your Pomsky is vomiting with blood, it is because of the corn plant. You should take it to the vet and remove the plant immediately.


This plant is beautiful because of its huge green leaves that makes the home look alive. They do not look deadly but can cause a lot of irritation inside the Pomsky’s mouth. As a result, they will stop eating. They will have itchy tongue. If you see your puppy is producing more saliva than usual, you should know that it is more the plant.


Lilies are pretty and they make the perfect presents for your friends and family. Many people love to keep lilies as a flowering plant in their homes. Pomskies can see the lily and bite it. If they do, they can even die from it if you do not take them for treatment immediately. There are several types of lilies and it is better to keep all of them out of your house. The first symptom to notice in the puppies is if they are producing more saliva.


Cyclamen has a nice color and that makes it suitable as a house plant. A lot of small and big problems can occur if the puppy swallows a part of the plant. The flowers are not only dangerous; the whole plant is. If they even take a piece from the branch, they can get into trouble. They will have heart problems and as a result can die from it.

Aloe Plant

The Aloe plant is not only used as a decoration for home but also for many other benefits. They boost up the appearance of your home and helps you as well. You can use it as a face wash or for bad breath. If you notice a change in the color of the urine in the Pomskies, it has happened because of the plant.

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