Four Things to do to have a healthy Pomsky

How to  to have a healthy Pomsky? There are many things you have to notice when you are a Pomsky owner. You will get confused and puzzled about a lot of things such as whether you should share food with it or not. Consult the vet for any kind of queries related to health and you will have a happy pup.  Here are four things you can do and make your Pomsky healthy and happy.

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Let it socialize

Pomskies are social and they would love to play with other Pomskys. Take them to training classes because you will find similar puppies over there. Take it to walks at the part and at the beach. If it is socializing, do not stop it or grad it home. Just like the way you need friends and companions, it also needs some buddies. It will guarantee a long lifetime because it will be a content puppy. Depression is getting common in Pomskys and it can reduce the lifespan. That does not mean that you stop playing with it. It requires human friends as well. Let your kids and other people who loves Pomskys to play or at least talk to it.

Do not let it walk alone

Do not let it go out alone and when it busy streets always have the leash on. It can result in accidents and other injuries if it is walking freely on a busy street. You can take the leash off for a certain period of time in the park where you see that the environment is safe. That does not mean that you let it go by itself and you engage in other activities. Monitor its movement and play session. Notice where it is going and what it is doing. Attach an ID tag with your name and contact number so that even if it runs away, the person who finds it can get it back for you.

Take it to checkups

Since you are the pet owner, it is your job to take the Pomsky to the vet on a yearly basis for a checkup. Take it twice or thrice a year and you will be able to guarantee it with good health. Sometimes there are illness that does not show any symptom and when you find out about the disease, it is too late for a solution. Knowing about an illness or a disease beforehand can save its life. You should be up to date with the vaccines and protect them from canine distemper, rabies, adenovirus, parvovirus, parainfluenza and etc.

Stop sharing food

Do not let it have human food and do not share. If you offer food from the plate while you are eating, it will develop the bad habit of begging. Ensure that other members in the house are not giving it food from the table. Human foods are not tolerable for Pomskies, particularly the ones high in sugar. Provide it with its treats but not your food. Find out what kind of food is suitable for the Pomsky.

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