Two Important Traits of the Pomsky It Gets from Its Parents

What are important traits of the Pomsky? Who does not want a pet Pomsky that looks like a wolf? You cannot keep wolves at home and a Siberian Husky is too big for regular homes. It would be a dream come true to get the looks of the Siberian Husky on a small Pomsky such as a Pomeranian. Therefore, breeders came up with this, Pomeranian Husky. Like all breeds, it has some positive and negative sides. They think they are bigger than they are, lively and love being trained to perform tricks because they are intelligent and smart. They are small in size but makes perfect watch Pomskys and comes with a fluffy coat.

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The sad thing is that the positive sides and also be the opposite. For example, they are small in size. You leave them alone; they will do something that may even kill them. You are seeing the lovely and fluffy coats. They require a lot of brushing and grooming. You will need a professional Pomsky groomer at times. Your housework will increase because skipping on the brushing will make you vacuum the whole house several times. The reason you can keep them for guard is because they will bark at anything they find suspicious. They will sometimes do it unnecessarily. Here are two things that comes directly from their parents.

1. They are hard workers

You can find it hard to believe that a small Pomsky is hard working. The reason is because of their parents. The Pomeranian and Siberian Huskies are both sled Pomskys. The Pomeranian used to big in size long time back and their ancestors were hard working Pomskys and helped people. They were not lap Pomskys that just wears designer clothes now. The Siberian Huskies are still working for people and would pull sleds anytime. Nonetheless, that does not mean you make your Pomsky work. All you have to do is make sure it does not get bored. Take it to walks, play with it and provide it with toys so that it can stay busy.

2. They are bossy

You might already think that the Siberian Husky is related to the wolves. What can be a surprise for you is that, the Pomeranian is related to the wolves as well. Now that you know that they both have link with the wolves, they possess a lot of its characteristics and traits. It will be confident and brave. Many big Pomskys are not even as brave as the small Pomeranian Husky. At the same time, they can become bossy because they get the Small Dog Syndrome. There is nothing to worry though, because there are ways you can make it understand that you are the leader. They have the characteristics of being obedient since wolves stay in pack. They stay together as groups when it is about hunting and other activities. They obey the pack leader. If you can make it believe that you are the one who should lead, it will become obedient.

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