Car Training Your Pomsky

How to train your Pomsky? You should expect your Pomsky to have car problems or behavioral changes when it is about to ride it. It is because of car sickness, fright of riding inside a vehicle and their restless territorial behavior. If the puppy is scared of riding the car or gets sick afterwards, you can explain it that there is nothing fearful or dangerous about it. It can happen that it had a bad experience riding a car before. Therefore, you should introduce your car to the Pomsky is a pleasant manner and makes sure it has a nice experience.

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Begin by sitting in it with your Pomsky. Do not leave the car or start the engine. It should be a car where you do not start anything but just sit there. You can read a book while you both are sitting there. Give your canine friend some time to understand that there is nothing wrong with the car. It will get rid of its fright slowly. You will know that it is getting accustomed to the inside of the car as soon as you see that it is relaxing. It can vary from Pomsky to Pomsky. For example, a puppy can start relaxing quickly after it notices that there is nothing wrong about the vehicle. Another Pomsky can get scared because of past experience and take a long time to start liking the inside of the car.

If your puppy is a brave one or a calm one, you should have less trouble. It will get used to sitting inside the car without being scared or sick. After that start the engine and still sit in the car without driving. It can happen that the running engine is a new thing that can scare away your four-legged buddy. If you have a scared puppy or Pomsky, make the training sessions small. Staying inside a shutdown car can make it sick. The process of training should be slow and steady when it is about a Pomsky with anxiety. After the nervousness completely fades away, start the engine and do not go anywhere. You should be ready for unexpected behavior from it because it was already scared in the shutdown car.

The next step after you begin the engine and it gets familiar is to drive around small distances. If your Pomsky has a favorite place such as the park, beach or a relative’s house. Take it there. The experience should be fun and if the training is going well do not forget the rewards. If you have a playful and active puppy who is not a food lover, you can reward it with a game of fetch at the park and a lot of praise. If you have someone who loves food as rewards, provide them with treats. Never try to rush the process or get angry. You will only end up making it more scared and full of fright. The car training will become more difficult. You have to teach your Pomsky to listen to you. That means before you let it enter the car, you should complete the obedience training. There are many people complaining that their Pomskys do not listen to them. It is a risk to take them inside the car.

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