Training the Pomsky to walk on a leash

How to train the Pomsky to walk on a leash? There are no strict rules when it is about training a Pomsky. Patience is important for the pet owners. If they think they cannot stay calm, buying a Pomeranian Husky will not be a good idea. If your puppy chooses to wear the leash without any hassle, then you are lucky. You cannot let the Pomsky out without it. There are many Pomskys that can stay without it and not cause trouble, but it is not the same for the Pomskies. As soon as you get them, put the leash on. There may be leash laws if you are living in an apartment.

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Advice for you: Stay calm, confident and patient. If it is unwilling, you will need some time before it agrees. Start by buying the proper kind of collar and leash. It is the first step to take. There are numerous types available in the market so pick one that fits the Pomsky. You can get a light collar and a leash. They come in different colors and made of various materials such as nylon, denim and leather. You should introduce the collar before you put it on. If you do not do that, it will get scared of the collar. Pomskies have a temper outburst or become scared. The best way to prove that the collar is not a scary thing is by putting it on when it is busy with its toys.

Make sure that the puppy is not getting hurt and the collar should not be too tight. It should not irritate the Pomsky. Make it as comfortable as possible. Every time you put on the collar, make sure that is focusing on something else. After you put it on several times, it will get use to the collar and leash. Then you can move to the next step if it does not scratch or get uneasy in the collar. If your Pomsky is fond of food, you can put it on while it is eating.

It should not get tangle in them. You must always supervise it. If it sees another Pomsky in a collar and leash, let is communicate or play with it. In that way, it will understand that it is not something dangerous. After you attach the leash, there is a fifty percent chance of it to start walking. Slowly, train it to walk with you while you hold on to the leash. To get rid of the fear, let is wear it and sit or stand still for a while or as long as it wants to. That will give the courage and confidence to walk later on. If it is sitting for a long time with the leash and collar on, there is an easy way to get it to walk. Move a certain distance with treats, call it and when it comes to take it, it will notice that it is walking. Stay calm and treat it nicely. The training method will be useless if you get angry. It will learn to accept the leash very soon.

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