Toilet Train the Pomsky in 4 Days!

How to train Pomsky to use toilet? Toilet training is a difficult task for Pomsky owners. It is the first challenge of bringing home a Pomsky. Whether you get a young or an adult Pomsky, you would have to train them. It can happen they had training back at the breeder’s place. Since your house is new to them, teach them where they need to go.  It can take weeks to train your Pomsky where to go for elimination. Many people lose patience this way. If you are someone who does not want to clean their mess, you should teach them within a short period. Here is how you can do it.

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How to start

You should have the Pomsky with you. Since you are not interested to clean their urine, you should take them out every hour. After they do it there, provide them with treats or praises. The Pomsky will start to realize that every time he goes to eliminate in the right location, it gets aa reward. Do not scold it, hurt or punish it in any way. If you get angry in front of it, it will start to be afraid of you.

What to do

Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone. If you do, you are supposed to have a built-in alarm system. You should use it as a reminder to take the Pomsky out every hour. Set it like this: 2 PM, 3 PM, 4 PM…, etc.  If you think that people who toilet train their Pomskys do not use an alarm, then you have to understand that you are in a rush to train them. You want to make them visit the right place so that you do not have to clean their urine at home. Use a leash or lead. If it is not in front of you, it can be urinating anywhere. You have to keep your eyes on the Pomsky, so keep it in front of you. You can get a tether, but many people do not like the idea. Pomskies are intelligent, and you can teach them an English word quickly. Come up with a phrase or a word and make sure to use it every time he is eliminating. In that way, it will become easy for both of you. It will be less difficult because it will be understanding that you are asking to urinate, and after you reward it, it will get used to it. Make sure you repeat the process. Do not forget to say the word and make sure the treat is with you beforehand. The Pomsky should have one particular spot to visit. It should not be doing here and there in the yard. Find out if your Pomsky likes praises or treats. Some go for food while others like attention.

If you brought home a small puppy, it should have less bladder control and go to the bathroom more than the adults. Adults Pomskys will require less training if you bring a crate the day you bring it home. Look at the age of your Pomsky and start training in that manner.

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