How to Care for a Pomsky After Surgery

How to care for a Pomsky after surgery? If your Pomsky just had a surgery, you should know to how to take care of it properly. You have to wait for it to fully recover. After you bring it home, do not expect it to be playing and running around. The surgeries are painful for them even if they had anesthesia. There are many kinds of surgeries a Pomsky can have. If you have a playful puppy, there is a huge chance of it to get hurt during playing. Follow the instructions below so that you can have a happy puppy soon.

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If had a knee injury and it had to go through the operation, it should have a bandage. It is your duty to keep the cast dry at all times. If it is always dry, the recovery will be fast and there will be no infections. Make sure the bandage does not fall or move from the original place, does not get wet or smell comes out of it. Contact the doctor as soon as any of these happens. Do not give it a shower or make sure that nobody spills water near it.


Usually, Pomskies are supposed to be active and play around all day long till they get tired. In fact, when they get bored, they cause trouble in the house. They engage in wrong activities such as eating house plants that are toxic to them, chewing on new shoes, clothes and bags and etc. Do not let it move. Even though exercise is important for Pomskies, put a stop to it till it recovers. Avoid morning walks, playing fetch or any movements at all.


The doctor should tell you which medicines you have to give it such as the painkiller. Ask your doctor about the timing and the amount and do not forget to give the medications on time. You can slow down the recovery process if you are not giving the medication on time. It is an important part of the recovery after the surgery.


Checkups are important as it tells you about the progress of the Pomsky. The doctor can find out if it is recovering or not. If there are problems, they will provide solutions. Checkups will keep the Pomsky safe and help it recover quickly. You can ask any questions you have such as what to feed and if there are any unusual behavior you notice; you can find out if that is normal or not.


It can be difficult for you to feed it right after you bring it home. Ask the surgeon about the amount of food and water you have to provide. Do not get angry at it or shout at the Pomsky if it is refusing to eat. After it recovers, it will start to eat like its regular self. If it does not do that, that is when you should consult with the vet.

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