The Alpha Role

What is the alpha role? A common mistake pet owners make is that they do not understand that the Pomskys see in a different manner than humans. The Pomsky is no different. It seeks for an alpha leader who will protect and control it. Humans do not like someone to boss them around or command them but it is not in the case for the canine friends. They think that the leader will keep them safe and they need someone to love and respect. They feel comfortable and peaceful knowing that they have someone to care about them in times of danger. Therefore, since you are going to train it, you should maintain the three qualities.

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Strength: The leader or the owner should never be someone the Pomsky starts disrespecting. You should lead with strength. That means someone who can protect the puppy in any situation and defend from its enemies. The role of the leader is to save the pack and make sure than each of the members are respecting him. In here, what you can do is provide it with water and food at the right time. You are giving it visits to the vet, a nice place to stay, treats and rewards and promising it that you will take good care of it so that it can have a high lifespan. As the leader, you should expect your Pomsky to obey you, particularly when you say “no” If that does not mean, you are not carrying out the training the right way.

Impartiality: Another quality that the Pomsky expects that their leader will have is impartiality. It means that the leader can eat before the pack, later on the rest of the members can have their food. He is not going to be someone who takes away the food, who does not provide it or behaves badly with them. There are many pet owners who believe that taking away the food while he eats is a part of the temperament training. Even some trainers do the same. It is not just injustice but also very foolish.

Leadership: The next and the last thing can also be the hardest is the quality of leadership. There are owners who come home and calls their Pomsky. Do not do that. Meet your Pomsky after at least fifteen minutes.  Those who come home and goes running to their puppies to hug and adore them shows weak signs of a leader. The canine friend believes that they are in a lower rank than and they are the ones who should run up to the leader once he comes home. From the day you bring it home, if you make this a habit you can never change it. It will always expect you to run to it. If you do not come to it immediately after returning home, it will get upset thinking you do not love it anymore. Therefore, do not develop any bad habits. The day you bring it home is the day from when you begin the proper training.

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