Protection of your Pomsky’s coat during winter

How to protect your Pomsky’s coat during winter? You have to take proper care and focus on the Pomsky’s grooming during the winter because while it is snowy outside, the air is dry. It is not that much dry during the autumn, spring or summer. The air lacks moisture during this time and when the inside temperature of the home is warm, it dries out more. Therefore, their skin, coat and paws need a lot of protect. As the pet owner, it is you job to take care of them. Here are two things that can happen if you ignore Pomsky grooming.

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1. The skin will become chapped and dry. There will be irritation and you will notice visible spots on the skin. They will start to itch and sometimes the itching become too severe. If you do not take care of that immediately, the fur will fall off.

2. There will be split ends and the coat can be static. If you do not trim the split ends, it will split from the root. The hairs will break following the fur becoming thin. It is better to take care of it so that split ends do not occur in the first place.

You should purchase high-quality products for your canine buddy. You should know the importance of a leave-in conditioner during the winter. It will act as a layer during the winter and protect the skin and fur. You might think that the Pomsky does not go out much so it does not require grooming. Whether it stays home or goes out during the winter, it needs the right products, such as a leave-in conditioner made of natural ingredients.

Here is what you have to do

1. Do not wait for the bath. During the summer, you may apply the conditioner after the shampoo during the shower. In the cold season, apply it in the morning before the puppy starts it day. You should also apply some right before it goes to sleep.

2. Do not apply directly on tangle or dead hairs. Prevent this by thorough brushing and take off any loose hair. Use a comb to make sure that there are no tangles. If you do not brush it regularly, knots will form. Even though they have a fluffy coat, there will be a lot of dead hairs because of the follicles.

3. After the brushing and letting the loose hair fall off, use the leave-in conditioner. You can use a small pin brush. Do not use too much of the product and watch out for irritation in the skin. Divide the coat of your Pomsky and work from one to another. Do not apply them directly to the roots. Use your hands to rub.

4. Do not do this excess amount. You will stop the air to circulate within the skin pores making it unhealthy. You should keep the word “lightly” on your mind when you apply leave-in products. Since, the product will be wearing off during the evening, you should spray some on it. That will act as a defense and protect your puppy.

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