20 Traits of a Great Pet Owner While Training their Pomsky

How to be a great pet owner while training their Pomsky? Training a Pomsky is not just about staying and sitting. It is also not simple games to play with them such as hide and seek and fetch. Training it is not like a chore, it should be something you both enjoy. It will let you come closer to your new friend and become close buddies. You cannot lose hope and they are intelligent so it will be a nice experience for you. Here are twenty traits a pet owner should have while they are Pomsky training.

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1. You should have the ability to alter yourself. It can happen that you are a clean and tidy person but training the Pomsky can make you dirty. That does not mean that you should get angry or scream at it if it is making you messy.

2. You should understand that the Pomsky is an innocent animal who is new to this. If was already trained and knew all the tricks, you will not have to train it.

3. Learn to accept its mistake. While you are teaching a lesson to another person, they will make errors. The Pomskies will also make glitches from time to time but once they will learn, they will not make any slipups.

4. You have to be respectful and humble by not scolding the Pomsky.

5. You should include fun and never get too serious.

6. You should be consistent with the training. Having different rules or behavior at various times will confuse the puppy.

7. Have patience when the puppy gets aggressive and do not hit it.

8. Learn new things about it from various sources to enhance the training process.

9. You should be prepared from before. For example, when you first show the leash and collar to it, it can act strangely.

10. Prepare yourself for unexpected events. During 4th of July, they tend to run away, make sure you attach ID tags and keep it safe inside the home.

11. You should be creative such as coming up with new rewards or make toys yourself.

12. Be careful and find out if there is any pain or problem that in your canine friend.

13. Never lose confidence because you are the coach and it is another way of getting respect from the puppy.

14. You should inspire it to work hard and they will love it when they earn their reward instead of just getting it. For example, after the daily walk when you give it a meal, it will think it earned it.

15. Not getting scared at various situations is important.

16. You should have an open mind when you are out for training.

17. Be generous and let your puppy grow.

18. Do not forget to communicate with the Pomsky, it is important for training and to become close to each other.

19. You should note down its improvement in a journal and record the improvement.

20. Learn to trust your Pomsky because it will be able to learn fast when it sees that its owner is supportive.

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