Useless grooming equipment for a Pomsky

What are useless grooming equipment for a Pomsky? Before you get the Pomsky, you will have a list of the grooming equipment you need to purchase for your pet. It starts with puppy toothbrush, toothpaste and a small bed. You can wait till it gets home and see its size and buy them. It will be better that way because you will understand what will suit its needs. You can take it to the vet and they will tell you what kind of equipment is best for it. For example, what shampoo might suit it, which conditioner should you buy and the kind of bed you should get. All these are important but the sad part is when the owners spend money on grooming equipment that are useless and the Pomsky does not need them. Here are some of them.

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Pet jacuzzi

There is no point in spending several thousand dollars to buy this for your Pomsky. If you are interested in purchasing something for it to bath, you can go for a shower tub for puppies. The jacuzzi will be a waste of money since you can even give it a bath on the laundry sink.  It is small in size so it can fit anywhere. The Pomsky will not find any difference or understand the fact that you spent so much money because you love it. Instead praise it and provide treats, it will be happy.

Designer Clothing

You can put on clothes to make it look good when you are going out or if it is cold. That does not mean you buy expensive outfits and pricey shoes and show off the logo. The other Pomsky owners will not think that you are smart instead think you are not a sensible owner. You could have saved the money and bought something useful. Instead you decided to go for clothes that the Pomsky does not even understand what a brand is.

Piped blazer

It does not cost less and your Pomsky will not even like it. They come with a big cost which is around one hundred dollars but is uncomfortable. You can make the puppy wear clothes that are reasonable in price and comfortable at the same time. In that way, the Pomsky will be able to play and run around freely.

Cotton tips

Cotton balls are dangerous for the Pomsky because it can cause infection. You may still use them while you are giving them a bath. Cotton buds or tips should be out of your shopping list when you are purchasing for the Pomsky. It does more harm than good. It may cause a lot of ear problems and make the puppy suffer. Always make sure that not even a little piece of cotton is entering the ear canal. That can cost heavily.

Electric nail grinder

You can use a regular nail trimmer to cut your Pomsky’s nail. The problem with is that it makes extra noises, requires batteries and your puppy might be afraid of this. More issues include the cost is as same as getting the nails cut by a professional groomer and it breaks easily.

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