How to Give a Dog a Pill

You may be a lucky pet owner if your dog can easily take its medicine as prescribed by the veterinarian. Most dogs typically pose a challenge when it comes to taking their pills. While some dogs can easily take their pills when having dinner, others will require a little encouragement from the owner.

When you are medicating your dog, you need to know and understand the directions given before you start giving your dog pills. Some pills should never be combined with medications and others should never be given to a dog on an empty stomach. Consult with your veterinarian if you are not sure what to do.

Hide Pills in Food

The easiest way to prescribe pills or even capsules to your dog is to hide it in your dog’s desirable food treat. The point here is to make your dog more excited with the food that it will take the pills along with the food quickly. This is the best method because your dog will not end up biting the bitter pills.

You should however note that before using any kind of food, consult with your veterinarian because some pills do not go well with certain foods. Some antibiotics should not be given to dogs along with dairy products because the calcium in dairy products will make the pills less effective. The best foods for hiding pills include low sodium cheese or liverwurst.

How to Give a Dog a Pill

How to Give a Dog a Pill

Use Specially Made Treats

Apart from hiding pills in your dog’s food, certain dog treats are specially made with holes in them which you can use to hide the pills. The treats come with different nutritional balances, flavors and are low in sodium.  Make sure to read the labels before buying the treat and if your dog is plump, buy treats with low calories.

If you do not want your dog to be suspicious of the pills, it is good to combine the medicated treats with the one that is not medicated. Start by giving your dog two plain treats then one that is medicated following it with two more that are plain. By doing this, your dog will easily swallow the medicated treats without examining them which increases the odds of your dog taking its pills.

Compounded Medication

If your dog does not like swallowing pills, it would be best to opt for a flavored compounded or chewable medication.   You can ask your veterinarian to prescribe for you a compounded medication and if they know a pharmacy that sells them, he or she can recommend you. Treats with tuna flavor may convince your dog to take the medication thinking that it is a special treat.


Successful administration of pills to your dog is an art form and you should always use the pet medication as directed. Always ensure that you finish the prescription and never share medications between pets. Follow all the directions and in case of any queries, please contact your vet.

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