How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog

Chocolate is a very delicious and popular food but in fact, it’s very dangerous for dogs. The reason is, it contains methylxanthines (one of which is theobromine) which turns out to be toxic to your dog.

In general, if your dog weighs 10 kg, consuming 250 grams of dog chocolate will result in death. Symptoms that appear are the dog will salivate excessively, be restless, and find it difficult to stand or walk. His body was stiff and cramped and his stomach was nauseous. He would drink continuously because he felt more thirsty and then vomited again.

Dog mortality due to eating chocolate depends on the amount of chocolate eaten, the breed, and the dog’s physical condition. As a dog owner, you should know the safety level of consumes chocolate your dog because chocolate can be deadly if it exceeds the acceptable limits. So, the best step is you must consult your veterinarian about the amount that is safe for your dog when consuming chocolate because every dog has a different weight and breed.

Cocoa powder that comes from cocoa contains methylxanthines (one of which is theobromine) which are very lethal to dogs. There are several types of chocolate that we encounter and the most toxic chocolate is quality chocolate which contains a higher percentage of cocoa. So, the level of toxicity in chocolate is different, here are some types of chocolate that you should know:

  1. White chocolate has less cocoa powder content. 125 pounds of white chocolate can affect poisoning for a dog with 10 pounds weight.
  2. Milk chocolate: cocoa powder content is higher so it is more dangerous than white chocolate. Only 1 poundis enough for poisoning 20 pounds dog.
How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog

How Much Chocolate Can Kill a Dog

  1. Sweet Cocoa: Cocoa powder is the most dangerous among the others. For example, just 1/3 pound can be poisonous for a dog with 20 pounds of weight.

If your dog eating chocolate be sure to know how much and what kind of chocolate your dog eats. The information is very needed when you call your vet to get the most appropriate treatment. In some cases, mild symptoms of chocolate poisoning occur when dogs consume 20 mg of methylxanthines per kilogram of body weight. Furthermore, when dogs experience heart symptoms of chocolate poisoning occur around 40 to 50 mg/kg, and at higher consumption seizures in dogs occurred at doses of more than 60 mg/kg.


What Happens if a Dog Eats Chocolate

Symptoms of chocolate poisoning will be very visible in dogs depending on the amount consumed, these symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, restlessness, and hyperactivity, rapid breathing, increased heart rate, increased urination, trembling, seizures, and even collapse and death.


How Long After Eating Chocolate Will a Dog Die

In general, it usually appears within 6 to 12 hours after your dog has eaten it and can last up to 72 hours.

Make sure you know the details of what chocolates your dog consumes and in how much. Immediately contact your vet and give first aid that you can do is to induce vomiting or activated charcoal. This is highly recommended by the doctor.

If your pet consumes chocolate less than two hours ago which is useful for removing toxins from the body without being absorbed into the bloodstream. Then take your dog to the veterinary hospital for special treatment. the dog will get additional care such as intravenous fluids and medicines in the hospital if it is in a very critical condition.

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