What Do You Do if an Off-leash Dog Approaches You While You Are Walking a Dog?

Having a dog and playing with him is always be fun. The experience while walking your dog is certainly pleasant but what your attitude if you suddenly meet a dog without a leash, will you let the dog approach your dog or vice versa?

I think you are the person who knows your dog’s character the best, but you also have to know the intention of the dog who is approaching your dog so that it doesn’t become a bad experience for your dog. You must be able to control your dog to walk properly.

This is necessary when suddenly you may need to make a quick decision and you need to give your dog quick directions. The situation can get worse when an off-leash dog starts attacking or gives signs of being unfriendly to your dog, immediately put your dog behind you and give directions for your dog to move away.

Here are some tips for handling an approaching off-leash dog:

  1. Understand your dog’s body language

When your dog starts behaving strangely or shows signs of discomfort such as fear, control your dog to go away by distracting your dog.

  1. Keep yourself calm and don’t run

It is worrying when the approaching dog without a leash shows an aggressive attitude. You must stay calm and don’t run because your dog will react to your anxiety which can make the worse situation. Start giving commands or vocal movements calmly and begin moving away in a relaxed manner.

What Do You Do if an Off-leash Dog Approaches You While You Are Walking a Dog

What Do You Do if an Off-leash Dog Approaches You While You Are Walking a Dog

  1. Direct the dog vocally

There’s nothing wrong with trying to give a low vocal command to distract the dog, even though not all dogs can obey our commands. Common commands such as sit, stay, or go may be effective enough to keep your distance and even get a chance to move away and alert dog owners to pay more attention to their dog.

  1. Distract by throwing food

Throwing snacks on a dog without a leash is an effective way to distract the dog. you and your dog have enough time to leave the area.

  1. Use a Physical Barrier

In these difficult conditions, you need to have a physical barrier. You can use the umbrella as a block to prevent other dogs from approaching. open your umbrella make them afraid and stay away.

  1. Talk with the owner or ask someone to help you

Try talking to the dog owner if you think your dog is in an uncomfortable condition for the dog to approach him. If the dog owner doesn’t respond well or doesn’t seem to care then you can lie by saying your dog has a contagious disease. if the dog owner is not available try asking people around for help.

  1. Protect Yourself and Your Dog

You may have to act physically to protect the dog and yourself. If an attack is unavoidable, quickly kick the approaching dog in the chest and then immediately walk away with your dog. Never get in the middle of a fighting dog as it could be fatal and result in a bad bite. The safest way you can do to stop a dog fight is to immediately ask for help from people around you to help you, for example, spraying the dog with water or looking for a large object that can be thrown between them, such as a blanket or big sack so that the fight can be stopped immediately.

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