Feeding your Pomsky

How to feed your Pomsky? After you purchase Pomsky food for your Pomsky, you will discover the feeding guidelines on the food label. Do not consider them as your directions. It is just a preliminary point. They are some lines written by the manufacturer but that does not mean that it applies to your Pomsky. It all depends on the size, age, activity level and health of the pup. You should consider all these factors while you are feeding it. When you are confused, ask the vet. The best part is that the Pomsky foods are not harmful. Lok for the FDA approval sign on the food.

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It is important to pick foods of high quality for your Pomsky. Failing to pick proper foods can make it excrete more and cause internal problems in the digestive system. If you have no idea about the usual weight of a healthy Pomsky, ask the vet. Later on, find out its activity level. They are supposed to be active and playful. As the owner, you are supposed to take it to walks and morning jogs. You should also play other games with it in the backyard or at home to prevent boredom of the puppy. After you are feeding it a fixed amount, calculate after a month and check if its weight is proper. A fourteen inch Pomsky should weight around 20 pounds. If you find it to be 17 or 18 pounds, start adding more food. If you see that it is slightly overweight, start to reduce it now. If it becomes obese, more problems will develop in the future.

If you have a fast eater, you may want to slow it down. Swallowing the food fast will cause digestive issues and stomach aches. You can solve the problem by putting a solid object in the middle so that it does not take big bites. If you have more than one Pomsky, use separate bowls. Keep them far away from each other. If you are going to change something in it diet such as an addition of a new food, start slowly. You can combine the new one with the usual food so that it does not face any complication. If you notice change in its excretion or if it is vomiting, stop feeding it the new brand.

Do not share your food. Provide it with healthy treats so that it does not get obese. Those who give food from their plate or table scraps makes the Pomsky unhealthy. They can become fat because some human foods contain high levels of sugar. They cannot digest too much fiber which is present in our food. If you allow it to have table scraps, it will steal from there when you are not around and ruin its diet. Do not provide it with raw meat or bones because it has bacteria. The bones are hard and can make their teeth loose. You have to understand that all foods are not for Pomskys. Never give them chocolates, grape or raisins. Whenever you buy them, keep them in a place where the Pomsky will not be able to reach.

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    Vera October 27, 2020 at 12:41 am

    It says you shouldnt feed your dog raw meat. My sons girlfriend gives her Pomski raw mince is that ok or should she be cooking it.

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