Fun Ways to Exercise Your Pomsky

What are fun ways to exercise your Pomsky? Pomskies are active and energetic and if they get bored, they can cause a lot of trouble. One way to keep them away from making a mess is by playing with it or exercising. It is beneficial for the two of you. You are going to think that you take it out to walks every day, so what else more can you do? You can make it fun so that you will end up with a happy canine friend. Here are some ways to make it enjoyable so that you can keep it happy and healthy.

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Follow it

You know how we are always so serious about the walking and we all know how important it is for us to be the leader. Since, we are trying to make this enjoyable, it should be different from the other days. Use a leash to keep connected to the puppy. Just like you follow the GPS on your mobile phone, this time make it the GPS. Let it lead you and follow it where it goes. It can be surprising for you because you do not the journey’s end. It can be fun for it to be the leader for a day. It will be a mixture of walking and running.

Run with it

Both of you should start running together. You should consider this as an exercise for yourself because it will help you fight diseases, lose weight and increase the condition of your heath. It will help you emotionally and mentally as well by making you confident, getting rid of depression and relieving you from stress. Remember while running that you Pomsky is the priority here and you should stop whenever it wants to. If it chooses to rest, you should too. If it stops to communicate with other Pomskys, you should wait.

Play Fly ball

If you think you do not have time to visit the park for practice do this in your backyard. It requires training for months for Pomskys to perfect this. The time depends on your Pomsky’s learning abilities. Star by putting a post in the backyard. Teach it to go around the post. After that keep a box close to it. Place tennis balls there. After that, train it to fetch the ball for you. After the training is complete, there will be 4 hurdles and penalties for dropping the balls.

Play fetch

Playing fetch is actually an important part of the Pomsky training because you can make it listen to you. You can teach other commands in the process such as “drop” “stay” and “sit”. Without the game, teaching it the commands and making it obedient can be difficult. Moreover, it is an exercise that does not require too much time nor equipment. A stick or a toy is enough and it will also stop the Pomsky from doing wrong activities around the house.

Let it make friends

If you see that it found a group of Pomskys in the park who is eager to play with it, do not stop it. Making friends and socializing will make it a content puppy. You can sit while it plays with the other Pomskys so it can be a rest for you while it is exercising.

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