Qualities of a great Pomsky trainer

What are qualities of a great Pomsky trainer? It is not necessary that you go out and find a professional Pomsky trainer for your Pomsky. You can train it yourself and if you see that there are severe behavioral problems, then you can opt for a trained expert. Other than that, you should have some of the characteristics so that the training is successful.

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There are many Pomsky trainers out there and one thing they all have in common is patience. While you are teaching a puppy you are going to lose hope. Every time it fails you are going to think that it will never learn it so you will end up becoming angry. If you become angry, it will stop respecting you. It respects you as the owner and its leader, therefore make sure you know how to maintain the reputation. You cannot afford to have a Pomsky who does not care about you because it does not like you. If you find it difficult to be patient, start by staying calm. If you can remain cool in challenging situations, you can easily train the Pomsky to love and respect you. One way to stay patient is by taking deep breathes. Know how to manage stress. If you are being impatient, the Pomsky will see you as an insensitive and impulsive person. Keep reminding yourself that your canine friend will be able to master the training if you stay calm.


A pack leader is not nervous nor too emotion and that is exactly what the Pomsky expects from you. If the training is becoming difficult, you research for other methods to make it easy. For example, you are teaching it techniques to stay safe on the road. The challenge here is to start with an obedient Pomsky who listens to your command at home. After it listens to your orders at home, it is ready for road training. You can teach it a lot of different techniques with ease such as “sit” “stay” and “come” and all these will keep it safe from road injuries. Lastly, do not forget the treats. As long as there is a problem, you will get a solution. Some Pomsky owners even re-read the Pomsky books to find answers.


It is important or else you will end up with a confused puppy. Consistency, concentration and communication goes hand in hand. After you come from every day from work, never run to it to hug and kiss it. A pack leader never does that nor does the Pomsky expect this sort of needy behavior for you. If it comes to you after you come home, that means you are training it the right way. It can happen that one day, you are excited or you missed your puppy and come home and run to it. You will ruin the training and your image. After that day, it will not come to you. It will assume that you are going to come to it and the days you do not do that it will get upset. The Pomsky will think that you do not love it anymore.

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