Misconceptions about training Pomskies with treats

What are misconceptions about training Pomskys with treats? Rewards are an important part of the training. If your Pomsky demonstrates positive behavior, you reward it with a treat or a praise. Every Pomsky has their liking. One can love to play, while another is interested in food and the other one can just love praise and affection. Here are some misconceptions people have about training them with treats.

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Real training is not achieved when the reward is the food

It is a confusing thing for many people who train their puppies with treats. They are able to teach them the right skills and methods and there are no mistakes. The mysterious fact about this line is what is “real” emphasizing here. They are training with the proper techniques and later providing them with the thing they like. Pomskies have different choices has mentioned earlier, so if you have a food lover, that is not a problem. You can give it the treats because it deserves it.

Praising is better than treats and Pomskies work for praise

It is true that they are usually not needy or crave for food. That does not mean they do not like treats. It is hard to believe that many people believe praising is enough. Do you think just a pat on its head or complimenting will help you in training? It is true that if you keep on using the same kind of treat, it will stop listening to you because of boredom. You should change from time to time.  Nonetheless, treats are better than praising. The treats have a special spot in its head because of its primitive nature. If you are utilizing it properly, then it will not be a problem to use them for training. Misusing the treats can make them believe that they work only for the reward.

Treats are bribes

Do not mistake bribes and rewards. There are pet owners who show the treats beforehand to make them do something positive. The treat is a reward and is given afterwards. Therefore, it is mysterious why some people would think treats and bribes are the same thing. The right method of training would never encourage exposing or showing the treat before the job is done because that is a bad practice. The Pomsky is intelligent enough to understand that after the training is completed successfully, you will provide it with what it likes best. It does not have to work for bribe.

They will only work if there is food

This is another misconception because they will do it if there are glitches in the training method. The first mistake is when the pet owner shows the treats beforehand. It will make the puppy aggressive and it will never work unless you show the treat. Therefore, if you establish the bribe method by misusing treats, you will not be able to properly train it. They do not work only for food, they think of it as a reward and completes the task.

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