Dog Music Anti-Anxiety Music for Dogs?

Is your dog always scared, starts to pant, or just pace away during a thunderstorm or noise from fireworks? Does your dog experience separation anxiety every time they hear strange noises? Worry no more, your dog just needs some music to calm them. Turning on some soft rock or reggae helps lower the levels of stress in dogs.


What is Anti-anxiety Music for Dogs?

Music can be used to help your dog relax and feel calmer. But what kind of music is soothing for dogs? A lot of dogs prefer reggae and soft rock compared to any other genre of music. Those are the best when it comes to relaxing an anxious dog. Classical music also helps dogs in stressful situations.

After playing the variety of genres mentioned for several days, dogs tend to get used to the background noise and heart rate and cortisol levels tend to reduce. The stress levels of a dog will reduce when they listen to soft rock and reggae. So next time when your dog is stressed out, let him listen to some Bob Marley music.

When you go online, you will realize that you can find music specifically composed for dogs. The music can be for an anxious dog, the one with separation anxiety, or just fear of thunderstorms. If you are looking for some of the most popular recordings for your anxious dog and scared puppies, just listen to canine Lullabies.

Dog Music Anti-Anxiety Music for Dogs

Dog Music Anti-Anxiety Music for Dogs

Dogs have different preferences when it comes to the length of music notes, regular rhythms, the music’s tempo, and the simplicity of the tones. Those are just some of the simple and important calming qualities dogs enjoy. With that said, when should you play Anti-anxiety music for your dog?

  • Every time you leave your dog home alone.
  • While you are driving in the car to help reduce travel anxiety.
  • When you have just brought in a new puppy or dog at home.
  • During thunderstorms or external noise such as fireworks.
  • Helping a restless dog fall asleep and at a veterinary clinic during exams.

Important Tip: Make sure that every time you plan to leave music for your dog because of separation anxiety, you should make sure that you also play the same music when you come back. This will ensure that your dog does not learn that you only play the music when you are out of the house. That can even trigger more stress and anxiety for the dog.



If your dog is still experiencing separation anxiety or still fears certain noises such as thunder and fireworks, it would be best if you seek for assistance from a certified dog trainer. Most dogs will respond to the anti-anxiety music for dogs which makes it easy for dog owners to calm their dogs. If you have a puppy, you can start introducing it to different noises as it grows to prevent anxiety from developing.

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