Four Ways will Shorten Your Pomsky’s Life

The lifespan of the Pomsky depends on you. You provide it with a beautiful home, foods, toys and what not. You love it and spend most of the time with it. It might be surprising for you to know that there are things that you are doing unknowingly that is reducing its lifespan. It is never too late to start over and take good care of it. Here are four ways you are shortening its lifetime.

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Letting it gain weight

Overweight and obesity is becoming a common problem in Pomskys. The shocking fact is that the pet owners of the overweight Pomskys thought they were normal. They had no idea about the original weight of the Pomsky. For example, a puppy is supposed to be 3 pounds, they had a five-pound pooch and though it was standard. It will also not be able to stay healthy or enjoy life. It will have a difficult time running, walking and playing. When you are giving it a small part of a cheddar cheese, it is just like a human having chocolate bars and 2 hamburgers. To solve the problem, make sure your Pomsky is getting regular exercise. Limit its food intake and do not fill up its bowl. To know the right amount, consult the vet. Watch out for obesity and try to bring it down to its appropriate weight. If you have trouble going out to exercising, play with it in the backyard or inside the house.  Do not let it sit idle.

Not brushing its teeth

Overlooking dental care of a Pomsky cannot be accepted because it will result in gum disease. A lot of Pomskys who are above four years of age has to suffer from periodontal disease. The bacteria and food gather around the gum and forms plaque. It will not cause dental problems such as toothache, gum disease and bad breath, it will affect the heart, kidneys and other organs. The solution is simple, take it for dental checkups. Purchase a brush and a puppy toothpaste. Do not use human toothpaste. You can get professional cleaning from the vet.

Exposing it to smoke

Just like us, they will develop lung cancers, respiratory problems, cancer if the owner is smoking cigarette. If you are a smoker, it is better to not get a Pomsky. If you already have one, do not light up cigarettes at home. In fact, leaving the burnt-up pieces or ashes on the floor can be lethal. It will develop a lot of problems if it chews on a smoked cigarette lying on the floor. If you have friends who smoke, tell them not to do that at your home.

Pushing it too hard

A Pomsky requires the right amount of exercise. If you are not doing it in adequate amount, it will get bored because it is an active puppy. If you are pushing it to work out more than it should, that could also be a problem because it will get tired or sick. Limit the exercise in hot weathers.

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