Challenges a Pomsky owner has to face

What are challenges when you get a Pomsky? If you own a Pomsky, you should that your life is not easy. They require a lot of maintenance and care than most other Pomsky breeds. They are friendly and playful but do not get surprised when it starts to bark at a child. Here are some challenges you will face when you have a Pomeranian Husky.

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The walks

The morning walk is not a bad thing. There will be a lot of walks no matter which Pomsky breed you get. First of all, train it to walk on the leash. Making it get used to the leash is going to be another training session you will want to skip but have no options. They will be scared of it but you have to demonstrate that it is harmless. The main issue here is that you cannot have a regular walk with them. You will have to let them smell and explore. They will want to use their sense of smell to understand what is around. If you come back home fast it will get upset. Also, taking the same road everyday will cause boredom.

The leash

Holding on the leash will be difficult for you. You know that a Pomsky is an extrovert and will want to socialize with other Pomskys. It might also feel like running and sometimes you will have to go where it wants. It is dangerous because it can cause road accidents. You cannot let your puppy be the leader. Sometimes, they will want to sniff around here and there for no reason and you have to keep up with that.

The training

Training is not going to be easy but the bright side is that it loves to learn. The problem is that you will need a lot of patience. You should make sure that all the members in the house act the same way. You can end up confusing the puppy and extend the training time when other members are confusing it. You should never share your food because it will make them beg every time you are eating something. If another member in the house, offers it food from their plate, it will get perplexed. It might think you do not love it and that is why you are not giving it a piece from your food. The trick is to make sure that all members act in the same way and that can be a challenge.

The chewing

They will chew on your new shoes, bags, leather jackets. If you leave them unsupervised, they might swallow pieces of solid objects such as tennis balls. Tennis balls are Pomsky’s favorite thing to play fetch with but leaving it alone with it can cause medical emergencies. When they get bored, they cause trouble in the house and often injure themselves. They might chew on a houseplant’s leaves which are toxic. You will have to take them to the vet. To stop them from chewing, provide them with chew toys. You should also make sure they never get bored.

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