Tips on bathing your Pomsky

How to bathe a Pomsky? It may seem easy to wash a Pomsky when you see someone else doing it. Bathing a Pomeranian Husky can be tough so be patient. Do not worry because after it learns that the water is not harmful, it will get used to it. You should also make it look like a game and not something dangerous or scary. Here are some tips to make the bath comfortable for both of you.

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Dry the ears

After you dry the whole body using a dryer or under the fun, you should take proper care of the ear. If there is water in the ears, bacteria can grow. Some Pomskys can develop ear wax. Ear wax is the leading cause of infections in the ear. You should check every day. It can happen that your puppy does not have much debris or wax like other Pomskys. In that case, you do not have to clean them often. If you have a fearful puppy, it will be hard to get the debris out. If you are the owner of a playful and a brave one, it should be easy to get the dirt. After the bath, make sure you use a towel to dry off the ears.

 Brush them beforehand

The fluffy friend of yours is famous for shedding. Before you take it to the tub, make sure you put it on the grooming table and brush its fur. The Pomskies are not familiar with taking a bath on a regular basis. You should make it comfortable as much as possible. While you brush it, make sure you are not hurting it. Tangles can be present and make it hard to clean it. Some people use a tool made of stainless steel to remove the fur. It is not the right way because it can damage the skin. If you brush it manually without any tool, the dead skin will fall off and make the Pomsky healthy and fresh.

Provide treats

If you want to be successful at bathing the cute animal, you have to understand that they do not like to bath. Some may like to bath while others will be fearful. Since you are the pet owner, it is your responsibility to take proper care and make it brave. If you are scolding it or not praising it, it will not like to bath. In fact, it can stop liking you. Grooming is the best way to bond with the Pomsky. Utilize the time by being friendly and caring. Lastly, do not forget to give it treats.

Know the timing

You should decide how often should your Pomsky bath. Some Pomskies do not even do this before six weeks. If you have a playful and active Pomsky who gets dirty too often, you will need to do it regularly. You should slightly warm water and clean it up properly. If it does not like blow-drying, you have to dry it using the towel. Make sure that soap and shampoo do not enter the eyes.

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