How to Massage your Pomsky

How to Massage your Pomsky? Massaging your puppy is the perfect way to get along with your pet while it relaxes. It is not just for relaxation; it is related to health just like all other grooming tasks. First of all, you will be able to find out sore spots and tumors. Secondly, it will be a happy Pomsky because it will understand that their owner loves them. When a Pomsky is alone most of the time or the owner is not giving them enough time, they think that nobody cares about them or love them. As a result, they develop depression. That is why massaging is important, here is how you can do it.

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1. Start with gently petting it. You should know by now which spot is best for petting. It can be on the head or the shoulder or the back. No matter where it is start by moving your hand over the spot. Go with gentle strokes and do not put in too much pressure.

2. Go to the neck and start making circular motions right under the head. Do not put too much pressure because it will hurt your small Pomsky. The massage for Pomskys is not the same as that for humans. You cannot put too much pressure like the deep tissue massage for humans. It is something you do make him feel calm.

3. Go to the shoulders and massage your way down within the shoulder. It is supposed to be the calming spot for your puppy. You should focus there without much pressure. After that work your way to the chest and the legs. If your Pomsky does not like the legs, do not touch them. If you have a puppy who likes when their feet are touched, you can go for a paw massage.

4. Use your fingers and make circular motions on two of the sides of the spinal cord. You should keep it still. Go to the back legs and lift them up without too much pressure. Use gentle strokes at the base of your Pomsky’s tail.


  • You should choose a time that is suitable for the Pomsky. Find out at which time it stays calm and quiet. It should be comfortable to your touch. It can be after the dinner when it is not hungry.
  • Start with a five-minute massage and see if it likes it. If your Pomsky loves it, continue to do it for more five minutes.  If it does not like the massage, you should stop. You will comprehend whether it is liking or not by seeing if it is flinching, growling, stiffening while you move your hands, biting or running away.
  • Since that is a time for it to relax, you can cut its nails or brush it from head to toe. It will feel better. There are many health benefits for your Pomsky if you can massage it. It will help if it is suffering from arthritis. You can find out lumps and take it to the vet for the check-up.
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