Changes in the Pomsky during winter

What are changes in the Pomsky during winter? As winter approaches, you should know what to do for your Pomsky. They might love the cold but that does not mean you let them do anything they want. You cannot skip grooming because it effects both the looks and its health. There will be some alterations when compared to regular grooming. Here are the parts that the winter can have effect on.

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Pomskies are famous for shedding and to prevent it you have to brush it regularly. If you see that it is losing too much fur, take it to the vet immediately. It can happen during the first year if its Pomeranian parent had the problem. Find out from the breeder about the parents and their shedding. You can control shedding through proper grooming.


Use the leave-in conditioner during the winter so that the coat is soft. During the harsh season, the fur will dry and become brittle. The conditioner will moisturize it and make it strong. Just like humans, their skin will get dry as well. They have beautiful coats and as the owner it is your responsibility to maintain them. If you have trouble with grooming during the winter, take it to the professionals. They might be dirty because they are always running here and there. Avoid brushing when you see the coat is dirty. Apply the leave-in conditioner and brush or else it will form knots if you skip brushing for more than two days. When they are dirty, the breakage of hair happens if you brush. Clean them before your brush.


There are remedies for dry skin for your Pomskies during the winter. Ask the vet what you should use on your puppy. There are many pet owners who apply coconut oil onto their puppy’s skin. You should ask the vet to find out what kind of moisturizer will help your puppy’s skin instead of causing allergies. Do not wet them too much because they will run around with the wet skin and catch cold. You should not trim them because it something you do in the summer to make them feel cool.


You can see a change in their way of eating. There are things you cannot change about a Pomsky. They are watchPomskys and despite their size they will always be on the lookout. They do not like to be alone for a long time and they are not suitable with children unless you train them properly. They are intelligent and bring and forget their size. They will be as confident as the Siberian Husky and be brave in front of large Pomskys. One thing that is not constant is their diet. During the winter, they might eat less than usual. Make sure you are providing it will the nutrients. If you notice diarrhea or vomiting, take it to the vet.


Just because it is winter does not mean you will not let it exercise or skip the morning walks. You should het the appropriate booties and put it on them before you go out. Apply paw creams and balm because it will be dry.

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