Bathing the Pomsky at different ages

How to bath the Pomsky at different ages? It depends on you and your situation whether or not you would like to purchase a Pomsky bath tub. Since Pomskies are small, you can choose to clean them in the laundry sink. You can start by placing some cotton ball in the ears so that water does not enter. Even if you notice water, wipe it off instantly with a cotton ball or a dry cloth.  Cotton balls are dangerous as it can cause infection. Take them out of its ears immediately after the shower and make sure you do not forget about this. A Pomsky is going to run away after the shower, so take the cotton out first.

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The water should not be cold and make the puppy wet. Use the right amount of shampoo. Begin from its neck and go down to its tail. You should wash the face first as the water can get dirty. When purchasing the shampoo, get one that is going to match its needs. If it has tick and flea problems, go for that one. If it has sensitive skin, go for that one. Do not use human shampoos. They are active and playful and you cannot extend the time of the grooming session. You should keep the bath as short as possible. Therefore, apply the leave-in conditioner. If it has fleas, you will be able to see it during the rinsing.

Bathing Pomskies that are under one year of age

You should not wait for training or grooming your Pomsky. From the first day, you bring it home, that is when you should start. You do not have to give it baths too much when they are young because it will wash away the natural oils. You should wash them to get the dirt away and protect from disease and illness. Recurrent washing is going to be harmful for them. While it is young and small, you do not have to use the shampoo and conditioner. Plain water is alright and when it is too dirty, use a mild shampoo. Blow dry the pup.

Bathing Pomskies that are over one year of age

The number of times you wash it depends on its activity level. If it gets dirty quickly, you will have to bath it frequently. When the weather outside is cold, do not skip bath. That means do not ignore giving it a shower during the shower as it can make them ill. If you see that it has dry skin, you will want to reduce the number of bath each month. If the skin is not so dry, it is alright to give them regular baths. You can use leave-in conditioner after each bath so that their fur is shining. Not only does it enhance their looks, it makes their skin and fur get the nutrients they need. While purchasing bathe supplies, make sure they are all made of high-quality materials. Before the washing, you should clip its nails and brush it thoroughly using a bristle brush. In that way, you will avoid knots and tangles. You will end up with a Pomsky that looks its best.

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