The Bristle Brush for Your Pomsky

What is bristle bush for your Pomsky? Pomskies will shed the undercoat twice or thrice varying on the climate. They lose a lot of fur and they are known for shedding. You will see so much shedding, you are going to be think they are going to get bald. The shedding can last for many days and weeks. There will be dead hairs that can be removed by brushing. If you brush it regularly, it will be able to grow new and strong fur. After the brushing, you can give it a bath and follow with a blow dry. If you are not sure what type of brush you should get since there are so many available, get the Bristle Brush.

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About it

It is perfect for all kinds of Pomskys and their different coats. They have circular tips which are soft and aids in getting rid of the loose fur. Since, the Pomsky has double coat, the brush will suit it. Their fur twists themselves up and forms knots. If you are getting your pup ready to go out, you can brush it with this and give it a nice look. The bristles are able to remove the dead fur completely and cleans the coat. It gets rid of debris, dirt and other materials that can cause skin problems. The skin gets the oil it needs to shine. They come with a handle that makes it easy for the owner to use it on their Pomskys. You can get them in different sizes. A small one is suitable for the Pomsky. They do not even cost much. They will be less than five dollars at any pet store or online. The best part is that it will not rust. You cannot let the Pomsky chew it thought because the handle is made of plastic. The bristles are soft so your Pomsky will love it when you use it on them for grooming.


You will love it after you get in your hands because it weighs less than four ounces. You should be excited because you are going to be brushing the Pomsky with it. It will be a time for you to bond together. Pomskies love it when they are spending time with their owner. You will notice that it comes with two sides for application. One of them is metal bristles. It is mainly for itchy or dry skin. While you use it, you will notice the bristles to move on the rubber surface. It is there to make it comfortable for the puppy. You get value for money because they cost so less yet they are made of high-quality materials. You can use it for years to come and it will not break nor rust. If you have a Pomsky who hates brushing, you should buy a bristle one that makes the grooming session comfortable. You will be able to remove all the unwanted hair and allow re-growth of new ones. Before you use it on the Pomsky, you can test it on your arms.

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