Tips for Pomsky Grooming in Winter

How to groom Pomskys in winter? Even though Pomskies love the cold, you should still be careful. Winter is harsh on humans and the same goes for pets. You should groom your pet throughout the year and give it more importance during the winter. You might think that grooming is all about looks. That is partly true because it does effect on the appearance of the Pomsky but it is for their health and well-being. If you do not groom it, it will have various infections. Here are some common things to keep them away from: snow, ice and the cold weather, dampness, cold wind, sand and salt on the pavement, dry and hot indoor air.

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Do not skip bath

Do not make the mistake of thinking that the weather outside is cold so you do not have to clean it or give a bath. If you skip bathing, it will start to smell. The professionals who groom the Pomskys say that during the winter many pet owners do not give their Pomskys a shower and when they come to them during spring, their whole body is full of dirt. You should bathe your puppy and make it fully dry. Do not keep it wet because it will get ill. Do not let it go out right after the bath.

Look for other options

There are other methods to keep it clean if you do not like touching water during the cold winters. You can use dry shampoo. It will help you keep the Pomsky always clean. There will be no odors and it will smell fresh. There are many flavors available such as coconuts. It is safe and you can use it during pet treatments. You can also carry it while travelling with your Pomsky. The coat will smell wonderful. No matter how much you try to keep it away from getting dirty, it will manage to escape because they are playful and active. Therefore, you can purchase a bottle of the dry shampoo.

Apply paw cream

While it will go outside, it will hurt it paws unknowingly. You should continuously check its paws for sensitivity or cracks. Trim the nails regularly. They can get hurt by falling on the ice. The paw cream is going to be similar to wax. It will protect the paws from salt and ice. It prepares them for any outdoor activity. They are easy to apply and they have Vitamin E which will heal any wounds. They are non-allergenic, non-toxic and non-staining. Before you both leave the house, apply some on its paws. You can wear a glove or else the cream will be all over your hands.

Take off the sweater

While it may like snuggling up in the sweater, do not let it stay there for long hours. Put on the sweater when it leaves the house. It will cause skin problems and they will shed more. They will love to wear the coat all day long but do not let that happen. It will cause skin issues.

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