How is a bed important for Pomsky’s health?

How is a bed important for Pomsky’s health? Since the day you bring your Pomsky home, do not let it sleep here and there. It will develop a bad habit and changing that can become difficult. You already have to train it a lot of things such as eating, walking, using the leash, listening to your commands etc. You do not have time to provide treats if it sleeps at the right place. Therefore, from day one, show it the bed and let it sleep. No, not your bed. It is not safe to sleep with them because they can get hurt. A Pomsky may like to sleep on the sofa, on the floor or in a jacket. That does mean you should allow it. Buy a bed where it can sleep at night and take naps during the day. If you want a healthy Pomsky, a bed is a must. Here are statements that proof that the bed makes a Pomsky in good physical shape.

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• Insulation: While it is sleeping on the floor it can catch cold. If it curling up in a jacket, it can warm. It requires a proper source of insulation during the summer and winter which will protect from the heat and the cold.

• Cushion: It will be a comfortable and soft place where it can relax after a long day of running and playing. Pomskies are active and they need a comfortable place to relax at the end of the day or else their body will not function. It is not only for comfort, it will support the structure of the neck, hips, spine and the head.

• Odor and fur control: A Pomsky is famous for shedding and if you have the fur in one place, it will be easy to clean up. The beds are simple to clean and you can use water on them. They can have odor because of dental infections, itchy ears and paws or just their natural smell. It can simply be because your puppy decided to interact with a skunk.

• Own space: When the Pomsky knows that it has a personal spot at home, it will be happy and understand that you love it. A content puppy results in a healthy canine friend

Now, that you know why it is healthy and important for your Pomsky to have a bed of their own, it is time to know how to select one out of all the thousand you see at different markets and online


The size is significant because it should be able to lie there comfortably. Make sure it is not too small. Measure the size of the Pomsky and buy one that is bigger than the pup. Keep in mind that the pup will grow.


You are the owner and have to take care of it. Find one that makes cleaning and maintaining easy.


You are paying so make sure that you get value for money. It should be able to resist fungus, bacteria and mold. It should not cause any health issues. Lastly, it should be durable and long-lasting.

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