Pros and Cons of Using Dog Hair Dryer

What are pros and cons of using Pomsky hair dryer? Bathing is an important part of the grooming that you cannot miss whether it is summer or winter. Pomskies are active and playful and not cleaning them will make them sick. They can have fleas, ticks or dirt and other debris. You should start by brushing and clipping the nails. Finish off the shower with drying the pup. When the case is about other Pomsky breeds, there are several other options. One of them is towel drying and the other is to let it dry naturally by shaking its body and staying under a fan. For Pomskies, you have to use a blow dryer. If it is scared of your one, you can purchase the one for puppies. There are several advantages and disadvantages of getting that.

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The pros

• You do not have to visit the professional groomer and spend hundreds of dollars. You can take care of the grooming yourself if you have this. It will save you the trouble of leaving your house every time you need the Pomsky to be grooming.

• It takes less time than a regular hair dryer since it is designed for Pomskys and puppies. Their fur is thicker than human hair so they require special drying equipment. You will not have to waste your time as it is ten times faster. It will dry the puppy quick and it will not catch a cold.

• You will not regret buying it because it has a lot of benefits and it will save you the grooming costs and time. You will also not require much strength because the dryer does the task. Your puppy will love it because it is designed for your canine friend. You do not have to spend time familiarizing it with the device. If you are using the hair dryer for humans, you will need to spend a lot of time on training it to getting it acquainted. For example, you have to let it sniff the machine and smell it. Turn on the hair dryer at yourself and show that it is harmless. Provide it with treats when it demonstrates positive behavior.

The cons

• Even though this an excellent product to purchase for grooming, the problem can be the noise. There is nothing to do about it because of the speed at which the air is blowing out. The manufacturer will probably work on it since the customers have complains about the noise. You cannot do anything for noise reduction.

• It can start to produce black smokes that will turn its white fur into grey. No matter how much you try to wash it, the blackish fur will not get clean. It is a big problem and happens if the device malfunctions. It is risky for the puppy.

• The instruction manual will not be helpful and sometimes you may find the pieces to be broken. You will feel like the manufacturer did not much effort in this product. If you are lucky, you will get a proper dryer for your Pomsky that does no harm.

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