How to maintain your Pomsky’s Good Health 

How to maintain your Pomsky’s health? You are a Pomsky lover who wants to make sure it stays healthy. You do not want it to get sick or weak. You want your friendship to grow and last for the upcoming years. Your Pomsky will be by your side when nobody is there; it will always be happy to see you after you return home from work. You should maintain a proper diet. That is the first step to having a healthy Pomsky. Here is how you can do it.

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Provide the right food

Start by choosing the well-balanced and high-quality treats and Pomsky foods. The food you pick is going to be the origin of nutrition for the Pomsky. While you buy Pomsky food, make sure you check the label. They usually contain meat and vegetables. There are grains in minor amounts. There are some harmful ingredients in some Pomsky foods. Check the label for animal by-products, corn syrup, BHT/BHA, corn, Propylene Glycol and Ethoxyquin. Your Pomsky can have vomiting, skin issues or diarrhea after eating special treats or Pomsky foods. To avoid the problems, consult the vet to find out which is suitable for your pet.

Avoid human food

Some people makes rules that they are not going to give food from their plate to the Pomsky. While others such as the children in the house may share their food with it. This type of behavior confuses the Pomeranian Husky since they are used to the consistency. If you make a rule, maintain that. To make sure that it stays healthy, do not feed your food to them. Keep them away from raisins, grapes, avocados, chocolates, buts, yeast dough, alcohol, and chives. If you are working in the kitchen, make sure they do not accidentally have an onion or garlic from the counter. If you think about making Pomsky food at home, ask the vet about it.

Check its weight

If your Pomsky is ten to twenty percent more than a regular one’s weight, that means it is overweight. Being more than twenty percent means that Pomsky has obesity. It would not happen much unless the parents were food lovers. If you get a Pomsky, who is after toys and games instead of food and treats, then obesity should not be a problem. A Pomsky who has more weight that it should have a chance of developing cancer, urinary bladder stones, heart diseases, diabetes, etc. To keep it healthy, check the weight regularly when you are at the vet. It can happen that they became overweight for lack of exercise. If you are feeding it more than you should it can add few pounds.

Provide fresh water

You should be giving the Pomsky healthy treats. You can try the homemade ones. While you are concentrating on solid food, do not miss out on the fresh water. They need a lot of clean water to make their body function, and the organs work properly. Change the water regularly and wash the bowl. Bacteria can develop in their water bowl.

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