How to teach your Pomsky to fetch

How to teach a Pomsky to fetch? We all know that all pet Pomskys love the game “Fetch” to play with their owners. It is the most popular game among Pomsky owners and their canine friends. It is no different when it is about the Pomskies. Just because they are expensive or designer Pomskys does not mean they will not love the game. If you get one from the breeder, you bring it home when it is just a few days old. You have to train it how to fetch, or it will just sit while you throw away the stick. Here is how you can do it.

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Begin with running

It is common for the Pomskies just to sit while you throw away the thing. It does not have to be a stick; it can be at home. You throw something; it does not get it back for you. One way to initiate the training is by picking out treats he likes. By now, you should know what your designer friends loves to eat. Point him to the thing you threw and after he gets it, reward him with his favorite treats. Some Pomskies are not after treats. That may sound surprising because other Pomskys love to eat them. Your pet might just want some affection from you. After it fetches the object, you can put your hands on its coat or hold it and praise it. Start with a short distance so that the thing is visible to the both of you.

Apply an opposite force

You have to do the first step several times to make it use to the game “fetch.” Training means doing the same thing repeatedly till the Pomsky becomes a pro. You know how you pull an elastic band and when you let go of one side, it quickly moves fast to the other side. The same happens with Pomskies. You can hold it tight and throw away the thing. This time, you can extend the distance. After you let go of it, it will rush to find it and bring it back. It is a common way Pomskys think, even Pomskies. After their owners let go of them, they will quickly bring back the lost object.

Select the proper object

You cannot take your friend outside and start practicing with a stick from day one. That is not a good idea because first of all, you will achieve nothing and you both lose a lot of energy out in the sun. You can begin with a toy. It can happen that you throw it, and the Pomsky finds it but does not bring it to you. Pick another toy and explain him to take it back to you. It should respond to when you call by name. Therefore, when the toy is in its mouth, call him, and he will bring to you. After you complete the training using the toys, it is time to grab the stick. If the Pomsky drops the object while it was bringing it back to you, ask him to pick it up and when he comes back, compliment him.

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