How to convince your parents to get a Pomsky

Pomskies are one of the most popular breeds among dog lovers. These designer dogs are a mix between Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies, resulting in a small yet energetic pet that’s perfect for families. However, not all parents are willing to get a Pomsky for their children. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can convince your parents to get a Pomsky.

Why Get a Pomsky?

Before we dive into convincing your parents, let’s first talk about why you should get a Pomsky. Here are some reasons:

1. They’re adorable

Pomskies have a unique look that’s hard to resist. With their fluffy fur, pointy ears, and striking eyes, they’re sure to turn heads wherever they go.

2. They’re intelligent

Both Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are known for their intelligence, and Pomskies inherit this trait from both breeds. This makes them easy to train and teach new tricks.

3. They’re great with kids

Pomskies are small enough to be handled by children but energetic enough to keep up with them. They also have a playful nature that makes them great companions for kids.

4. They’re loyal

Pomskies form strong bonds with their owners and will do anything to protect them. They’re also known for their loyalty and will always be by your side.

How to Convince Your Parents

Now that you know why getting a Pomsky is a good idea, let’s talk about how you can convince your parents to get one.

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1. Research the Breed

Before approaching your parents, do some research on Pomskies. Learn about their grooming needs, exercise requirements, and temperament. This will show your parents that you’re serious about getting a Pomsky and have done your homework.

2. Discuss the Benefits

Talk to your parents about the benefits of having a Pomsky. Explain how they’re great with kids, easy to train, and loyal companions. Tell them how much joy and happiness a Pomsky can bring to the family.

3. Address Their Concerns

Your parents may have concerns about getting a dog. Perhaps they’re worried about the cost or the time commitment required to care for a pet. Address these concerns by explaining how you’ll take responsibility for the dog’s care and how you’ll help with expenses such as food and vet bills.

4. Make a Plan

Create a plan for how you’ll care for the Pomsky. This should include things like feeding, walking, grooming, and training. Show your parents that you’re committed to taking care of the dog and that you’ve thought through all of the details.

5. Offer to Help Pay for the Dog

One of the biggest concerns your parents may have is the cost of getting a dog. Offer to help pay for the Pomsky by contributing money from your own savings or by doing extra chores around the house to earn money.


In conclusion, convincing your parents to get a Pomsky requires some effort on your part. Do your research, discuss the benefits of having a Pomsky, address their concerns, create a plan for caring for the dog, and offer to help pay for it. With some persistence and patience, you may just convince your parents to add a furry friend to the family!

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  1. this sounds amazing and i don’t have a dog yet and i think a pomsky is perfect for me 🙂

  2. I will try this because my parents say I’m not responsible enough for a dog so I hope this works cause I love pomsky.

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