How to convince your parents to get a Pomsky

How to convince your parents to get a Pomsky? A Pomsky is intelligent, cute, playful and active. They can get along with anyone in the family and loves attention from its owner. It is strong and well-built. It does not get sick easily and they are not that difficult to train because they are always eager to learn. They have a wolf-like appearance with bright eyes. You can even mistake them for a baby wolf when you suddenly see them. They are brave and loves treats, praises and other puppies. You might know all these and that can be the reason to why you may want it.

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Why should you take time when you are thinking of getting a Pomsky?

The problem can be with your parents. There are some reasons why they will not let you have it. Here are some of them

• The price, Pomskies are expensive

• They need a lot of maintenance and equipment

• They will distract you from studies, sleep and other daily activities

• They will require space at your home

• They can get sick and your parents has to go through the vet bills

Now that you know the reasons why they are not accepting the fact that you want a Pomsky, here is how you can persuade them

Explain the benefits

If you are someone who goes out often, this should be easy for you. Your parents should worry about you when you are out and they will want to stay home. If you are someone who gets over ten missed calls from your mother while you are out, then this should not be a challenge. Tell them that if you have a Pomsky, you will stay home more than usual. Describe them how it is so friendly with everyone, therefore you and your parents will spend more time together along with the new member of the house. Try to find out other advantages such as, it will guard the house. They are small so they will not cause much damage to the things inside the house. You can carry them easily and take on family vacations and trips. If you are someone who stays home all day long and does not come out of the bedroom, this should not be difficult. In the 21st century, after innovation has taken over technology, everybody sticks to their phone or computer screen. If your parents are telling you to be active or go out, convincing them should be painless. Tell them if you had a Pomsky, you will take it to exercise in the morning, play with it during the day in your backyard or the park and etc. You will unplug yourself from technology. Tell them how it is going to be good for your heart. In that way, you will live longer. Even people with Pomskys sleep properly at night and does not ill. If they are always complaining that you are not responsible, this should be trouble-free. Tell them that you will maintain a routine and go to bed early and wake up at dawn. You will be careful and responsible.

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    Anonymous August 23, 2019 at 9:30 pm

    this sounds amazing and i don’t have a dog yet and i think a pomsky is perfect for me 🙂

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    Anonymous January 5, 2021 at 5:10 am

    I will try this because my parents say I’m not responsible enough for a dog so I hope this works cause I love pomsky.

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