Basic procedures to train a Pomsky

How to train a Pomsky? We all love the designer Pomsky, and we cannot deny it. It can be difficult though to have one around the house if they are urinating or to bite your guests. If you had a Pomsky before such as a Golden Retriever before you got a Pomsky, you should say that it is always better to train them from a young age. In this way, you can connect with them and make a bond. You will need to teach your Pomskies several things like toilet training, listening to orders, etc. Here are the basic training procedures.

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Give them rewards

To begin with, you should know that you have to award them for their positive actions and for the things you do not like you should not give them anything. It can happen that you took it out for a walk, and it behaved nicely with another Pomsky. You should admire your pet for being so sweet. It can happen that every time it sees the packet of its treat, it gets excited. Do not let that happen. Do not provide the gifts at that point. After it calms down, reward it with the treats. If there is a habit you do not like, make sure the Pomsky is not getting anything from that. You should not change your behavior or your rules as this will greatly confuse your new pet. If you have made the rules that you are not going to give food from your plate, then maintain that. Do not share food more or less as it will confuse the pet.

Pick the prize

It is important that you know what your friend likes. It is not necessary that all Pomskys will have the same choice. If it is an adult Pomsky, find out from the previous owner what it likes as a reward. Some Pomskies love to eat so they will like treats. You should keep it with you all the time during training so that every time it does something properly, and you can gift it. If your Pomsky came from playful parents instead of food lovers, in can happen that it likes toys. Make sure you can provide it with toys during positive actions. If you have a Pomsky who likes variety, you should not keep on feeding one type of treats. Instead go with broken Pomsky biscuits, meat rolls or prepared chicken.

Use a clicker

You can do with clicker training, and they do not even cost much. You can buy them for your Pomsky, and it will be a fruitful method of training your pet. They are safe to use. They are made to fit your hands comfortably, and the stainless steel makes it durable. You do not have to talk as this will make the sound. The best part is that it makes a consistent sound of the same frequency so your Pomsky will never get confused. Make the noise with the clicker and offer it the meal. Take away the food bowl and again make the sound. If you do this several times, it will be training to know when it is meal time.

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