Workout activities for your Pomsky

What are the workout activities for your Pomsky? Start by consulting with the vet and find out all about the exercise. Exercise can depend on age, gender, size and health of the Pomsky. You cannot just make them walk or run according to your wish. You cannot skip the workout even if it is for a day because it will make the Pomsky bored, obese and unhealthy. If you do not what to do, here are some activities for your buddy’s exercise.

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Swimming: You can try this with your Pomsky if they are good swimmers Not all Pomskys can swim with ease. For example, Pomsky breeds such as Irish Setter, English Setter and Golden Retriever are perfect for swimming. An English Bull Dog, Dachshund and Basset Hound are not the ones you will take out for swimming. That does not mean you let them swim in deep waters or in the ocean. If it has short legs, bacteria from the water can enter the ears easily. The Pomskies are athletic and super strong Pomskys.

Walking: It is a common scenario if you are sitting at the park in the morning. You will notice many Pomsky owners are walking with their canine friend. Ask the vet about the duration of the walk and avoid pushing it in extreme weathers. Carry a bottle of water or else it will have dehydration.

Fetch: There is nothing better than a game of fetch. It will not only be a way to stay fit and healthy but it will make a strong bond between you two. Owners should play with their Pomsky because it will stay happy. Depression in Pomskys are also getting popular nowadays and you cannot let that take over your puppy. If it gets upset, it will also stop eating and become ill. You want a content buddy.

Jogging: When everyday walks is getting boring and you both want change, opt for jogging. In fact, jogging will burn more calories than walking. If you are someone who hates running, then jogging is perfect. It also reduces the duration of the morning walk so you can come back home quick and get ready for work. A thirty-minute jog is better than a sixty-minute walk.

Running: Open the leash and let it be free it safe areas. You can run side by side with it. Even if you hate running, you should know that it is one of the Pomsky’s favorite thing to do. They will keep pace and will not complain or get tired. If you love running, then you can both have a great time. They will be your ideal running companion. Even if the Pomsky does not look like it can run, it comes with a lot of energy that aids in vigorous activities. If you can train them to be obedient, you will have a Pomsky who listens to you and it will run whenever you ask it to.

Since you are trying to keep your puppy healthy, make sure that after the exercise you are not putting inappropriate food down its throat. Provide it with low-calorie treats such as green beans and rice cake pieces.

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