Why deterrent spray is the perfect training tool? 

Why deterrent spray is the perfect training tool? You can make deterrent taste sprays at home or buy them online or from pet stores. They are an effective training tool and keeps your Pomsky from chewing on different materials around the house. They can chew on furniture, shoes and cables. They are the harmless and will help you while you are training to not chew. Chewing is a common issue in Pomskies and you cannot think that they will not ruin anything just because they are small. They can cause more damage than a Labrador Retriever. If the one you bought from store does not stop the puppy from chewing, you can make one at home. Here are some reasons why they make an excellent training tool.

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Budget Price

The price is not much compared to the service it provides. It costs below $20. Imagine it can cause ruins of over hundred dollars. Therefore, you can manage to spend several dollars on the useful spray. It allows you protect your valuable items and expensive furniture. If you have brought new cables for your smartphone costing around hundred dollars. They will mistake it by thinking it is a chew toy. Even though they are intelligent Pomsky breeds, you cannot blame it for chewing on your things. If you still have problem with the price, you can always make one yourself with vinegar! The one you make at home does not require any special or pricy ingredient.


It works on every kind of materials you spray on and does not leave a residue. You can spray on the leather sofas, fabric clothing, wood furniture, Christmas light and so on. Your things will stay in their place. There will be no destruction and nobody will ruin your items. The Pomeranian Husky can get the feeling it is charge of the house. The behavior of being the leader can come from the Siberian Husky because they are sled Pomskys. They are fast and strong Pomsky breeds. It can also be aggressive when you are trying to train it to not chew. That is why the spray bottle is going to be your solution. Since they are intelligent, every time it will see the bottle it wills top chewing so you do not even have to worry about it finishing off.  It works on Pomskies of all age. If you just brought it home and when you come home and find chew marks, it is time to start spraying. If the Pomsky is teething, it is the right time to use it. If you apply it, the Pomsky will stay away from the things it loves to chew. It also works for adult Pomskys.

Easy to use

It is a spray bottle that comes with no challenge or difficulties. If you are making it at home, buy a new bottle. You cannot use an old one you have lying at your home because it can contain toxic chemicals. Do not use bottles that had something else in it no matter how many times you rinse or clean it with soap and water. You cannot risk it so it is a must that you buy new spray bottles for DIY deterrent spray.

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