What to do if you see a Pomsky locked in a hot car?

What to do if you see a Pomsky locked in a hot car? There are different laws regarding leaving your pet in a locked car. You should know that Pomskies are not at all suitable for warm temperature. Their fur coat makes it impossible to endure heat. They can live on the cold much easily. Siberian Huskies come from places that are always cold and covered in snow. Pomeranian is not different either. They are more comfortable in the snow than in the hot weather. Just like the parents, the babies cannot stay in the warm places for more than few minutes. If you ever see a Pomsky in a locked car, save it as soon as you can. Here is how you can do it.

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Contact the authorities

Heat is unbearable for Pomskies. The temperature may be cooler when the owner left it there. Temperature changes fast and it can go up several degrees in a second. The inside of a car can be hotter than any other place. Find out the law in the place you are living. If it is illegal for the owners to leave their Pomskys in their car, call the police. You should always keep the phone number of the animal emergency department. Call them before it is too late. The Pomsky can heat up quicker than other types of Pomskys. If the police are taking a lot of time to get there, wait. Do not leave that place. Some people may ignore the situation and leave.

Find out the owner

Take down the number of the car and its appearance. If you can find out the owner, tell him about this. Even though Pomskies love to ride cars, it is best to leave them at home when the sun is out. They may say that they wanted to leave it at home but it wanted to come along. Tell them not to make the same mistake again. They should also have a water bottle in their car when they take their puppies out with them. Do not wait for the owner to come. After you have recorded their license plate number, ask the person at the intercom to make an announcement. When the owner will hear their car’s number out loud, they will come to it.

Take care of the puppy

After the owner comes back to the car, the scene is not over. Do not walk out from that place. Since, it has been suffering in the hot car, take it inside the building where the air conditioner is running. Give it lots of water. Some Pomskies can drink from the water bottle if the owners taught them during training. You can break the window to get it out from the car but make sure you do not hurt it. If you know any Pomsky owners, remind them not to leave them in their car. It is not just for Pomskies. It can get dangerous for all types of Pomskys. Ask the owners to not take their Pomskys everywhere.

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