Pros and Cons of using Paw Protection Cream

What are pros and cons of using paw protection cream for Pomskys? There are many things you have to purchase when you are thinking of Pomsky grooming. You cannot just buy any products you see. They should all be made of high-quality ingredients. They should be organic and chemical-free. If you do not know which is perfect, you can ask the vet. During all the seasons, meaning throughout the year, you have to apply the protection cream on the Pomskies. It is for their paws and comes in the form of wax. Here are some pros and cons of using it.

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The advantages

• Pomskies are playful and active. You need to find ways of protecting its paws rather than simply putting on boots. In fact, it may not like the idea of wearing shoes. Therefore, purchase the wax. They will love it because they like it when you are rubbing their paws with it. Make sure to wear gloves during application. If it does not like boots and you want to take it out, this are the perfect cream for its paws.

• During the spring, people use pesticides on their lawns. Unknowingly, your canine friend might go there to play or run around. The wax will act as a layer of protection and save its feet from the harmful chemicals. During the winter, there is excess salt and snow on the streets. It will need protection from them. In the summer, the pavements are hot and while you take it for walks and other outdoor activities, you cannot miss the wax.

• It is an important product for your Pomsky because of their activity level. They do not just sit on one place all day long. It is water resistant so even if it steps on water, there will be no problem. You do not have to apply to much at once. Therefore, you get value for money. It does not even cost much compared to other grooming products. Apply small amount and it will blend with their paws.

• The manufacturer designed the product is such a way that the Pomskies would love it when you apply to their paws but would never want to lick it. If it had an appealing smell for the puppies, such as it reminds them of their favorite treats, they would want to lick it.

• You should start training your Pomsky from the first day you get it. Delaying can cause problems and it will not be able to learn the lessons. During training, this grooming product is significant. If it gets hurt, you will see that the paws are recovering quickly because of this cream.

The disadvantages

• Even though the package will easy to apply, you can have a hard time during the application while you try to get it out with your gloves on. You cannot use bare hands because it is water resistant and no matter how much you wash your hands, you will still have wax on your palms and fingers.

• The pads might be rough even after usage.

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