How to stop Pomsky nail bleeding during trimming

How to stop a Pomsky’s nail from bleeding? When you think of Pomsky grooming, a lot of things should come to your mind. They are bathing, trimming nails, brushing the fur, etc. They are new designer Pomskys that are getting popular with each day. They are handsome because of their parents, the Siberian Husky and the Pomeranian. The beautiful puppies managed to get people’s admiration from all over the globe. Some people hire a professional or take them to the salon for this activities. Many pet owners are scared to do it themselves. Even if you become an expert at other work like bathing, brushing and cleaning you can still lack knowledge in nail trimming. It can confuse you and look complicated. The truth is that it is not easy and you can cut it.

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Out of all the grooming actions, nail trimming is something that scares the Pomsky owners. It is no different in the case of Pomskies. There is good news for you that there are many sorts of clippers available in the market that makes the task a bit simple. If you make a slight mistake and end up hurting it, the Pomsky will get scared and run away. It will take a long time before you can convince him again to let you cut its nails again. If you hurt it, you break its trust it had for you. Secondly, there will be blood if you cut the vein or tissue. Thirdly, there will be a mess on the floor and furniture.

To make it safe, make sure your mind is not somewhere. That is the first step to making it safe and painless. Most mistakes occur because the owner was busy or their mind was somewhere else. Do not have something cooking on the stove or pick a phone call. Just focus on the Pomsky. If you have a wooden floor, and you can hear the sound of its nails when it walks, that is the time for you to start clipping. You should cut it too much because you will hurt it. Before you start cutting, make sure you have all the emergency supplies beforehand. You should buy Styptic powder when you purchase the nail clipper. Have a washed cloth, paper towels and ice nearby. You can cover the bleeding nail with ice in a cloth. You can also use Styptic pencils. They are going to cause a stinging feeling, so hold the puppy. Another thing that can help you is baking soda, cornstarch or baking flour. Get them on the nail and let it sit for several minutes. Make a paste using few drops of water. The blood should stop if you apply it correctly on the injury.  If you have a wet bar of soap, use it for the cure of the wound.

After the bleeding stops, clean it up with slightly warm water and wrap it with a bandage so that the Pomsky does not lick it. It will prevent infection as well. If you are unable to stop the bleeding even after twenty minutes, contact the vet immediately.

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